Concrete evidence E.T. is here

These days the internet is appears to be ablaze with a tsunami of hollow stories in relation to UFO’s and specifically the hot potato that is full UFO disclosure.

John Podesta keeps on banging on about how Hillary is the golden child destined to grow angel wings and fly high above the earth and proclaim to the planet that E.T.exists.

So is 2016 to be the year we find out that we are not alone? Sadly for Hillary, and tragically for NASA, 2016 is not going to be the year after all. Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA looking for evidence of E.T., but was able to produce ZERO evidence to back up his claims.  I didn’t hack into NASA but i did manage to find the evidence that he was seeking on one of their public servers.

During December 1999 i personally observed repeated close range UFO sightings in Glasgow Scotland. I even made an official UFO report on December 15th at 03.30GMT.

I later learned that i had submitted the longest report to the UK MoD for the entire year.

Click to access UFOReport1999.pdf

In 2001,I began researching the matter for myself in an effort to find other UFO reports made during that same month.Later in time i was able to produce photographic evidence from Falkirk Scotland, Shanghai China and from Hessdalen Norway.


The UFO Investigation of the Millennium continued and then in 2010 something happened which changed the course of my research from a worldwide one to an off world one. I was determined to learn more when i discovered that a blue white oval shaped UFO appeared on a photograph which was taken on a Hubble repair mission.

download (7)

Then in October 2010, further information surfaced online of a structured UFO on yet another image from the same mission.

STS103-734-73 (1)

STS103-734-73_3 detail

Fast forward to August 2012. I decide to review the images taken on STS103.

Now that I had the URL web address for three frames, I realised that I simply had to change the last two digits on the URL either up or down to navigate my way through the frames.

Knowing that a structured UFO appears on frame 73, I managed to reconstruct the entire sequence of images and started to analyse each frame.

The sequence of images begins with frame 66 and ends in frame 76 – covering a time of 62 seconds.


Through frames 66 to 68 these lights appear in the background as the Hubble is being redeployed after repairs were carried out. The next frme below was taken 32 seconds after frame 68…..

The UFO is now located directly in front of the Hubble Space Telescope and has cloaked its presence. Only a tiny part of the UFO is barely visible on the frame.

STS103-734-69_3 - Copy




After discovering this cloaked UFO i was perplexed at the darkened area but quickly realised that i was looking at the shadow of the Hubble space telescope on the hull of this unknown object. The sunlight was casting the shadow onto the hull of this UFO which proved beyond any doubt that the UFO was indeed a solid physical object. The science does not lie.

but i had even further evidence to present to confirm this finding.

I matched the details in frame 69 to the detail on the hull of the ufo in frame 73.

This identical 100% match proved and validated my initial finding.

E.T. is already here.I disclosed this fact four years ago.


Below: The moment the photos were captured by astronaut Claude Nicollier, and frame 69 after analysis, revealing the presence of the cloaked UFO in very close proximity to the Orbiter and Hubble, during its redeployment on December 25th 1999 at 23.03GMT

1078378_648466548506438_294821375_n - Copy - Copy





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