Gary Heseltine, the editor of UFO Truth magazine has now had the audacity to publically attack author Peter Robbins for having the courage to speak out against his former co-author Larry Warren.

Gary is a white knight of UFO truth. Gary is all righteous and all white n shiny.

Here is what the man had to say….

“A Chance Observation:
By chance I was looking at some of the previous issues of UFO Truth Magazine tonight when I happened to come across an article by Peter Robbins in issue 2. I was particularly drawn to one paragraph about his initial relationship with Larry Warren in the 1980s when their collaboration period began. The following paragraph is a direct quote from his article in issue 2 (July/August 2013).
“When Larry Warren, my co-author on the book Left At East Gate, and I began our investigation into the Rendlesham Forest incident in the late 1980’s I interviewed and re-interviewed him repeatedly regarding his memories and involvement in the events of December 1980, sometimes to the point of distraction. But he was almost always a good sport about it and put up with my repeated enquiries.”
Thus it now begs the question, how when you’ve questioned LW ‘to the point of distraction’ that you could have been ‘deceived’ which you now claim? At the time of writing this article your collaboration period was at the 24 year point. Yet, just four years on and having written three books, all about LW and his involvement the RFI I might add, you now find you have been ‘deceived’ by LW for 28 years! It seems to me that you are either  the world’s worst judge of character or when some ill-judged questions, most of which hold little or no evidential credence in relation to LW’s RFI involvement you chose to cut him loose to the gang of wolves with a malicious agenda (i.e.condemn him as a liar, a fraud, a conman first, then claim in the next breath that ‘their aim was only to seek the truth!) or when the going got tough you cast him aside in a desperate attempt to save your professional reputation. GH.”


Ok. Let me say a few words here.

Both Peter Robbins and Gary Heseltine were both briefed by myself in August 2016 that new evidence had come to light that did not paint a very rosy picture of Mr Warren. The bottom line is that Peter did something about it whereas Gary Heseltine didn’t.

After independently following up on the ground breaking research of Sacha Christie, I too began to uncover damming evidence against Mr Warren which conclusively showed that the man was  engaged in criminal acts, i.e. breaking the law .

Someone who is caught breaking the law is commonly known as a criminal. This is the word used to describe someone who is guilty of breaking and flaunting the laws of the land. A land that Warren made home for himself. Not guilty by any means as of yet under the law, he remains perfectly innocent but under serious scrutiny as his claims  rapidly fall apart.  Now residing in Liverpool, the alleged whistleblowing gun totting, M203 grenade launcher trained security cop was shown in a very different light- a far cry from the UFO hero he makes himself out to be.

After quickly establishing that Warrens photo with John Lennon was actually taken in August 1980 and not November as Warren claimed, it was clear that Warren was engaged in deliberate public deception. further investigation was warranted.

So, in August 2016 and I managed to persuade Jason Cullen of Rare and signed.com to send me copies of the handwritten letters of provenance for the two items which Larry Warren made a lot of noise about in 2011.

After securing these two letters of provenance, the next thing I did was take multiple screen shots of Warrens own handwriting. They were then compared to the handwriting on the Beatles letters, Allegedly penned by Charlie Lennon.

All was not well. It was clear that Larry Warren had been previously engaged in illegal activities with the clear intent to defraud.

I was really concerned. I mean really concerned.

Gary was going to co host a UFO Truth conference on the 10th and 11th of September that year with Larry Warren co-hosting the event with him.

My concern lay with the simple fact that Gary, an ex detective was about to share a stage with a man who would fabricate items in order to make money by fraudulent means. Something drastic needed to be done. Concerned that the reputation of Mr Heseltine was about to go down the swanie, I did what any other person concerned for his ‘profession reputation’ would do.

I contacted him with legitimate concerns that he- an ex detective was in bed with a conman.. Imagine the scandal that would engulf the ex law enforcer if he sat on his hands, firmly stuck his head in the sand and did nothing. Imagine the outrage by all those thousands of magazine subscribers and conference attendees if they all got wind that Gary Heseltine, the big UFO magazine editor and ex detective was involved in a public scandal by sharing a platform with someone who blatantly set out to break the law by deception and fraud! Imagine the uproar!

All that hard work over many years would be for nothing. Everything Gary had done to build up that magazine would come crashing down on him because of his involvement and on-going business association with Larry Warren. The potential for embarrassment was orbital.

I had to put a stop to that happening. I could not let Gary fall down that massive pot hole in the road just ahead of him.

So out of  respect, I did the honourable thing and contacted him.

Not only did I contact him. Far from it. I compiled information learned from Sacha’s investigations along with my own comparison work on the Beatles letters as well as  a conflicting statement from May Pang stating that she never EVER gave Warren one item whatsoever. So that conflicted directly with Mr Warrens claim etched on the plaque accompanying the cowboy shirt?

Mr Heseltine was now in possession of multiple pieces of evidence which showed not one not two but three separate items which had all been placed up for auction by Larry Warren which appeared to have been fabricated.

That was three separate conscious acts of premeditated deception. Three separate attempts to defraud. The amount of work Warren put into presenting the cowboy shirt mounted in a frame , clearly indicated the multiple layers of deception that this man was capable of. If he was capable of this level of deception, then what else was this man capable of? https://goldinauctions.com/1974_john_lennon_owned_and_worn_cowboy_shirt_from_-lot19905.aspx

How could this man operate like this and not be concerned that his activities might one day jeopardise his own UFO career? And what kind of a man could do this behind his co-authors back? How was it at all possible that Larry Warren could sleep at night?

Utterly enraged at these new evidential truths I seen the man for what he was and my disgust was pretty vocal. Peter Robbins is a man whom I have grown to respect -Even more so now. I was utterly heartbroken at having to share this information with Peter -even Gary….

Now despite having seen the evidence for himself, along with  May Pang saying that Warren never got the shirt from her , Gary then accused me of labelling Warren a liar and went and either unfriended me on social media.


Only fair he got a heads up before the shit hit the fan. Did he listen? What detective work was carried out on this information? NADA.


Gary Heseltine was informed on August 26th 2016, that Warren was engaged in acts of deception. A full two weeks before handing out a ‘bravery award’ to Larry Warren. May Pang also mentioned that Warren had tried to put up a pair of John Lennon sunglasses and that her signature had been forged. After contacting the auction house, the sale was rescinded and the buyer refunded. Mysteriously the sunglasses turned up at auction in Australia some time later. Were these the same sunglasses Warren eventually sold through Cameo in 2011?





Peter Robbins was more graceful about this new damming information reaching him. Although deeply disturbing to everyone involved, at least Peter Robbins had the good grace to examine the evidence instead of throwing his toys out the pram. You know, looking back, I tried to warn Peter Robbins , Gary Heseltine, Tino Megaro and Ben Emilyn Jones that their ‘brutha’ was actually shitting all over them.

After uniting in solidarity with Sacha and Alyson, David Young and I all became targeted and a smear campaign began in earnest. For a concentrated effort to attack Sacha Christie, Alyson Dunlop David Young and myself then began against us for daring to lift the wool from their eyes.

So Gary was briefed in advance of holding the conference. Gary had the evidence under his nose. He ignored it. Then hands out a bravery award to Warren.

Gary also had my contact details after I had purchased tickets for his conference and suddenly Warren was threatening me with violence in my own home. He stated he had my address.

How did he get it?  Who handed out my address to Larry Warren? The mystery deepened. Whoever it was that handed out my details was acting in a criminal manner.  Just who that person is remains an unsolved mystery,

Anyway, Heseltine has a cheek to talk about protecting professional reputations when he had a golden opportunity to protect his own. Instead, he ignored HARD EVIDENCE and pretended all was Hunky Dory with his last remaining link the  Rendlesham Forest Incident. He had already severed ties with Colonel Halt and Larry was the last chance saloon. Despite Colonel Halts repeated attempts to inform Gary, Warren was a liar, Mr UFO truth ignored the information and stuck by Warren. (like mud)

Now Heseltine has the audacity to talk about Peter in a “desperate attempt to save his professional career”


Well Gary, let me respond and quote you here,

“…It seems to me that you are the worlds worst judge of character…” and your journalistic and investigative integrity are non existent.  You sir, have aligned yourself with someone who has lied repeatedly to you over many years and its clear that you put ticket sales before truth be it UFO truth or just the plain old truth.

This latest outburst by yourself is a vein attempt at salvaging your own ‘professional reputation’.

At least Peter was man enough to admit Larry has been playing mind games and conning us all – including you. You attack Peter as if he has done something wrong. How about YOU GO ATTACK YOURSELF  for all that support you gave to Warren to? Are you willing to admit you promoted this man for years? I doubt it very much. Too afraid to look like a fool?

Are you willing to take responsibility for getting it wrong? Never in a million . years. Are you ever going to condemn the document sharing, the privacy laws broken and the shameful way the Warren faithful have acted? (Never mind the Data Protection violation ) No. I think not so.

As a former law enforcement officer you even let yourself down on this one.

You sir have let each and every one of your paying subscribers down and labelling me a part of a “gang of Wolves with a malicious agenda”  has forced me to reply.

At least Peter took action when he was first informed about Larry’s lies. You however, did nothing but ignore facts and dish out an award to your business associate. This public post that you have made is a pathetic attempt to save your own skin.

Too little, too late.

You had your chance to save your own reputation back in August last year. You ignored it and now you dare attack Peter Robbins. You are no better that the man I warned you about. You reap what you sew and it looks like a bad harvest ahead for UFO truth Magazine.


As for Larry Warren, he is guilty of sharing private and confidential documents with Ben Emilyn Jones.  To add insult to injury, Larry Warren and ZXRalienwarrior  have recently broken the law by uploading two videos. One was a response to Nick Pope, the second was a response to Peter Robbins. Both of these videos were reported to You Tube as the content of these videos included the names of myself and three others involved in blowing the whistle on Larry Warren. These two videos were defamatory and a violation of the law. Both are  now unavailable.


Asides being labelled as ‘truthmobbers’, ‘gangstalkers’, and a ‘hate cult’ , now YOU Gary Heseltine has chipped in by adding to that list and labelling us as

‘a gang of wolves with a malicious agenda.’

Well I can only speak for myself here when I say, thank god I don’t have a massive subscription base or a magazines reputation to try and uphold.

You didn’t do any detecting and now you are screaming that the dog ate your homework…..and somehow that’s all Peter Robbins fault. If only you had spent less time uploading random UFO videos to your FB page and actually did a bit of detecting, things could be very different indeed.

Well I advised you at the same time as Peter Robbins and you chose to ignore it.

Kudos Gary, Dynamite!

So before you go attacking Peter or anyone else, go take a good look in the mirror.      Go take a good look at yourself in the eye.





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