CIA Agent Confesses On Death Bed “We Programmed Larry Warren to talk shite and commit fraud”

CIA-wtc7-confession-678x381MK Ultra specialist Agent Wallace Artizan made an astonishing revelation about Larry Warren’s childlike behaviour.

Dying CIA Agent Wallace Artizan made an astonishing deathbed confession recently when he admitted that it was his team of MiB super army soldiers that went to work on Larry Warren back at the secret underground facility beneath RAF Bentwaters in 1980. This recent revelation may explain Warrens erratic behaviour over the last 30 years.

“We really went to work on him” claimed Wallace. Basically he was going on about how unfair it was that he had not passed his training and never got a chance to meet E.T. as he was hoping that he could go on and enjoy a career as a genuine whistleblower, but because he had not even passed basic training this new career move was going to be a difficult process.

So after Nick Pope called Chuck Halt and they discussed the Warren problem and how to deal with him, a decision was made to do some work on him. By this Agent Wallace elaborates: We decided that the best way to debunk the entire Rendlesham Forrest events altogether was to hypnotize Warren with MK Ultra mind control Monarch programming.

Stage 1 involved deep regression involving drugs. My agents first hypnotized Warren to believe that he was only eight years old. Once Warren was fully under the belief that he was only eight years old, he immediately began crying and demanded a hamburger, so Agent J was dispatched to a local McDonalds to bring back a hamburger. The second stage was to made Warren believe he was in an underground base so we stuck a pair of VR googles on him and forced him to watch reel to reel clips of Stargate SG1 while stimulating his ear canals with Beatles music.

Then we had Agent Hunzinger bring in his two year old son. They dressed him up in an alien costume and placed a partition between him and Warren. We played audio to give the illusion that the ‘alien’ was communicating with Warren while other Agents shoved copious amounts of drugs down his neck.

Then we gave him hypnotic suggestions and told him to believe he could move back and forwards in time so he could work for years in Radio production as well as the steel industry- also for many years. In order to do this we decided that the best way to debunk the RFI was to program Warren into believing that he was also involved in the clean up operation at ground Zero in New York. Obviously the twin towers would now have to be demolished in order to fit into this narrative, so that’s why the decision was made to bring down the towers. Building 7 contained all of the MK Ultra paperwork associated with Warren so naturally that had to be brought down too.

We called in Judy Gartland and flew her in from Langley especially for this mission. She programmed Warren to believe he was a lion with Opti/ret burn/exp but he started roaring and that didn’t work out. So a new plan was initiated to program Warren into believing that he was a lightning rod for UFOs and best friends with every dead rock star you could imagine. That seemed to work. Still believing that he was only eight years old, Warren quickly began to draw doodles of John Lennon’s UFO sighting and a decision was made to ensure that Warren would advance on this programming to eventually include fabricating letters of provenance for fake memorabilia. Once Judy Gartland had completed this MK Ultra session, we injected him with a sleeping cocktail laced with  L.V.S. (LIQUID VERBAL SHITE)

The we took him to the photo lab and programmed him to awaken. He walked outside and we hid behind the desks. A second of two later, he re entered the building and Joanne asked if she could help him while I crouched behind her desk. Warren left the building once more and we all had a good giggle.

The programming must have worked. To the best of my knowledge, Warren is still acting like an eight year old and has a massive catalogue of fraudulent sales under his belt. He is also 110% convinced that he was pals with John Lennon. But the programming went so much further……He now believes that he met Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and outfitted Hard Rock Café outlets around the world.

I’m dying said Agent Artizan. With all the controversy surrounding Warren at the moment , I thought I had better come forward and reveal that I’m partially responsible for this. The agency will deny it of course but I wanted to set the record straight before its too late.


Warren was unavailable for comment as he was playing on the Roswell slide at the time of this article.

Watch here to see Warren discussing how he worked in the steel industry for years and also how he was involved in the clean up operation at Ground Zero. And seen a “huge amount of body parts”



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