How far can I get my head up Warrens arse? Part Six million , four hundred and twenty seven thousand, eight hundred and seventy nine……..

Now throughout parts 1 to 16427,878, I have babbled endless pish about the sun used to shine out Warrens arse. But in this latest part of my lifelong blog saga pish, I want to firmly state that the sun does not shine out Larry’s arsehole like it used to do. And this ladies and Gentlemen is due to the barbarous acts of a few cult members who continue to bring up things like Larry stating he worked at Ground Zero removing ”a huge amount of body parts” . Larry obviously spins this in his latest post now claiming to have raised funds not collecting up body parts as previously claimed. So why are these insignificant cult members, reminding everyone of the things Warren claims he did and said?


Well Ladies and Gentlemen, could it be that they are merely trying to bring to attention that Warren is a fantasist who makes fictitious claims with no basis in reality and therefore we should take the word of Warren with a pinch of salt ? Is their objective merely to point out evidence which proves conclusively that Warren fabricated his entire Rendlesham Forest experience for financial gain and limited stardom?

I sense a deeper more spiteful rhetoric with a splash of evil and a healthy dose of malice spread with lashings of hate and sprinkled with jealousy then wrapped in spite and boxed in contempt and put in a cult vehicle which has been ritually blessed by the blood of a sacrificed alien and sent off for delivery via the internet and safety of their keyboards? I sense a deathstar parked in behind the dark side of the moon just waiting ladies and Gentlemen, waiting to unleash that deathray on UFOLOGY and zap everyone who dares to use a blog or a radio show to attack them.  Well ladies and Gentlemen, I say, sense a Death Star, simply because I cant see jack shit up here. Its very dark and there is barely room for my monitor and keyboard up here, never mind my fat bald ugly head. You see Ladies and Gentlemen, my head, funny enough has relocated and IS now firmly wedged up Larry Sphincter, its much harder to see the evidence that they provided which proved Larry Warren is indeed a fraud. And because I cant see this evidence, I continue to blog and attack these people who dare attack the man who’s ass my head currently inhabits. And its this ladies and Gentlemen that brings me to Nick Pope. Nick Pope does not walk around with his head wedged up Warrens ass and that ladies and gentlemen is the problem. Like I mentioned earlier in the 6427,878 parts to this Warrenathon worship, as far as I am concerned Mr Warren has the power so shine the sun out of his asshole.  In parts 1 to 237 I blogged about the struggle I faced while I attempted to discover exactly why sun beams I was seeing were emanating from Larry’s derriere. After an immense struggle I finally managed to insert my face and eventually my entire head. To my surprize, upon arriving there, I found that there were others already here. Malky offered my tea upon arriving and it was nice to see a friend.  Sadly with the combined mass of our persons now up Larry’s arse, the sunrays no longer shot out his backside. This was a problem Ladies and Gentlemen. Hospital Porters pride and dignity was right out the window now. So who is to blame ladies and gentlemen? who is to blame for the sun no longer shining out Warrens arse? Could this temporary problem of the sun no longer shining out Warrens bum be attributed to myself and others for planting our empty heads up here? While some may say (mostly the LWHC) a massive yes, I tend to disagree ladies and gentlemen and rather tend to shift the blame on the Satanists hell bent on blowing up every Ewok that defends Larry. I blame the trolls, the cult. The gangstalkers and the wolves.

And if you recall in part 984 I mentioned how the war was almost over and somehow I’m still taking pot shots in the dark at Larry’s command.

But back to the matter at hand,

The sun ladies and Gentlemen, does not shine out Larry’s arse cheeks and its got nothing to do with my head being wedged up here. Its because he was exposed as a conman who sold fabricated items to an unsuspecting public, the items were tracked down, the handwriting on the letters of provenance compared with Larry’s own publically available handwriting……..then upon completing LAEG it was established that Larry also fabricated the documents in the book. That led to Gary Heseltine choosing to ignore evidence at severe jeopardy to his own reputation , which he was strangely more that happy to do. Peter Robbins evaluating the evidence and splitting from Warren altogether (see part 6 , 237, 831)

But sadly ladies and gentlemen, as I outlined in parts 1 to 237 , my head is now wedged up Larry’s arse. And with that in mind, it will be easy for you lovely ladies and gentlemen to understand why I persist on continuing to blog about the LWCH and how its all their fault.

So the sun ladies and gentlemen does indeed no longer shine out Larry Warrens arse. Maybe it is because he has been exposed as a NON GENUINE eyewitness and career conman- if you choose to believe the mentality and rhetoric propaganda of the gang of wolves with a malicious agenda solely out to destroy Larry Warren or maybe – just maybe, its cause ive got my head wedged up his ass.

I will be discussing how sweet it smells and the aromatic hints of roses I occasionally get wiff off up here in part 6 427, 880.

Nick Pope bad, Sacha Alyson James David and Col Halt bad. (See parts 1- 6427,879)



Now that Warrengate has finally reached mainstream media, a unknown Scottish DJ genius has remixed Destroy Rock and Roll and its currently at number 1 in the charts. It will be released on ‘That’s What I Call UFO Fraud Vol 1’ in the coming months.




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