New Evidence Sheds More light on Hubble UFO Controversy…


2018a69 xc




The symmetrical opposite  detail highlighted above is also shown below , taken from frame 69 and applied over frame 59.


Below: STS103-734-59 blue light highlighted.


Below blue light. Note the same feature on the other side, which is not illuminated at this time.





frames sts103-734-69 and STS103-734-73 overlapped with detailing highlighted to show the difference in size, shape and position of the features captured in both frames.

The photographer merely tilted the camera to the right between these photographs and This cannot account for how the details get from where they were in frame 69 to where they are in frame 73.

Back in 2010 before i even acquired this collection of mission images, NASA had already used ‘reflections’ as a valid explanation as the the manifestation of the features captured in these mission images. Despite an in depth investigation into these frames and despite the evidence i uncovered which clearly showed that these features were anything but ‘reflections’ The ESA were very keen to echo the mantra that their American counterpart by uttering ‘reflections’ all over again in 2018.

I personally found it extremely insulting, especially when the reflections excuse had already been dismantled by the appliance of science, logic and common sense.

Do NASA and the ESA expect me to forget the fact that the sun was appearing over the Gold Coast of Australia as the redeployment took place?  Do they expect me to ignore the fact that the orbiter and Hubble were both bathed in bright sunlight when this event occurred ? To be honest, i don’t think they know, or care.  Its one very big factor that cannot be overlooked. These screen grabs are from the post mission highlights video shown below. Astronaut John Grunsfeld even mentions the sunlight during the redeployment.

The simple fact remains that the sunlight plays a huge part in understanding these mission images better. ESA spokesperson Mathias Jäger ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer claimed that hundred of scientists have analyzed these images

this is what he had to say ” Regarding the information i sent him:

1) The “Analysis” was performed on a jpg images – a format which does not allow a detailed investigation of any image”

2) The image in question was made from within the space shuttle with plenty of reflections going on.

 3) The raw images have been analyzed by hundreds of scientists and engineers. A “cloaked UFO” would have been detected and would have been way more interesting than the deployment of Hubble. cheers,

Mathias Jäger ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer

Here’s what i have to say…..

Mathias Jäger seems to of the opinion that jpg images are worthless as somehow its impossible to determine what is in that Jpg, and because of this format any analysis of that image ”does not allow a detailed investigation”. Mathias Jäger also appeared to have forgotten other mitigating factors such as facts, like establishing the time frame in which each photo was taken in this sequence. External facts concerning the images, like the photograph taken 39 minutes before this sequence, or the fact that the timing of the redeployment occurred as the sun came over the horizon…..

1) The analysis performed thus far on these Jpeg images have revealed that the reflections story put out by NASA and the ESA does not stand up to scrutiny when examined. The fact that natural sunlight was present and shining open the HST and orbiter cannot be forgotten or overlooked and played a huge part in understanding what is occurring at that specific time. Even if the UFO was NOT in frame 69, regardless, sunlight was brushing off Hubble and the silhouette and shadow of the HST was naturally cast regardless if it was there or not. If the UFO was NOT in frame 69, then you would NOT be looking at its shadow as there would be nothing for the shadow to be cast upon. C apish?

Despite having presented Mathias Jäger with multiple images and explaining basic science and how the sun casts shadows, he is of the opinion that what is seen in the window is a reflection from inside the orbiter. I challenged him on this and offered him the chance to provide me with the matching area if to be found on the flight deck of the Discovery. He didn’t. He either didn’t want to or could not. Most likely he probably didn’t want to because he could not. ‘

The flight deck of the Discovery Orbiter (STS103)

”Plenty of reflections going on” falls flat on its face when faced off against the information i managed to obtain with this “Analysis” EVEN though it was performed on a jpg images – a format which does not allow a detailed investigation of any image” according to the ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer.

The interior being reflected in the windows is not a lie as there are reflections occurring, but these do not account for the sporadic changes to the highlighted details found repeatedly within this sequence of images

38127496_2616882465004764_6296797895639171072_nUsing Mathias Jäger’s same logic, i sent him this image and informed him that even though it was only a Jpeg image, i was already able to determine that there was a washing machine in the background of the image. I can only hope that by stating the complete obvious, that i was able to highlight the absurdity of Mathias Jäger’s argument. Incidentally, this woman was commonly referred to in Scotland as ‘condescending woman’.

The facts that stand are as follow.

1. Natural sunlight illuminated the orbiter and HST during the redeployment.

2. The same feature that is seen on the ‘hull’ of the ‘object’ in frame STS103-734-73 is also present in both frames STS103-734-59 (taken 39 minutes before frame 73 was taken) And in STS103-734-69, taken ten seconds before frame 73.

3. That same feature moves around, altering in  angle, location, size and tilt.

4. The contrasted darker area found on the ‘hull’ of the ‘UFO’ is a natural effect caused by sunlight casting the shadow of the HST onto it, as it pulls up to make a close up inspection during the redeployment.

5. That contrasted area is a perfectly circular area with a 45 degree boxed area directly below it.

6. That circular profile contrast is a result of something obscuring the sunlight and the only circular object present is the barrel of the HST.

7. The 45 degree boxed area directly below the dark circular area also just happens to fit the profile of the lower solar array. Both of these independent pieces of information add weight to my argument, but when you put these two pieces of information as one and  come to understand that you are clearly looking at the shadow of the HST being clearly cast onto ‘something’, that ”…plenty of reflections going on” is an invalid argument when faced with facts and logic.

Fast forward another eight years and we can launch rockets into space that can land upright on ships and then in June of 2020 It was announced that there are a minimum of 36 intelligent civilizations within the Milky Way.

At least one of them, or a group representing some of them were here in December 1999. I seen them with my own eyes in the skies over Glasgow. And twelve years after searching around the planet for corroborating evidence, i finally found what i had been looking for , 323 miles above the surface of the planet.




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