Re-exposing a UFO Cover-up.

Shedding More Light on Ancient Discoveries. July 2020

In 2010, I became aware of three images that were reported to have been taken during the STS103 Hubble servicing mission. Two years later while reviewing data for December 19th 1999, my attention was drawn to the launch of the Discovery on this historic mission to repair the HST. My attention was drawn to review the images and i decided that it may well appear on some of the other frames as well.

After obtaining and asserting exactly how many images were taken and then reviewing the entire sequence, it became clear that there were actually numerous images in which the UFO appeared and not just the ones i learned of initially.

The first two frames that came to public attention was STS103-734-58 and STS103-734-59 which were taken 39 minutes prior to the redeployment of the HST.

Curiously on frames 58/59 two ‘tube like windows’ details can be seen which appear backlit.  58


During December 1999, i personally observed multiple bluish white oval shaped UFO activity which also included seeing a ‘fireball’ UFO.

The main sequence of images taken during the redeployment of the HST begin with STS103-734-66 running through to frame 76.


STS103-734-69 WAS TAKEN 32 SECONDS AFTER FRAME 68. The mysterious  yellowish ‘spotlights’ have now vanished. Where have these unidentified lights gone?


Knowing that the UFO appears on the frames taken both before and after this frame, it was illogical for it not to make an appearance here, so i paid very close attention to the details that i could see in this image file. On August 31st 2012 my training in the very basic understanding of the principles of photography paid off.

Focusing my attention on the very small detail that can be seen center frame,i began to enhance the image further. I was completely blown away by what i discovered.

69 xc

lets take a look


Frame 70 was then taken 2 seconds after frame 69. The profile shadow of the HST can be seen in both frames 69 and 70.


This transition GIF is to show the location of the shadow of the HST on frame 69 (marked with red arrows) bleeding into frame 70 and it is possible to see the shadow profile easier on frame 70.

I must stress that during the redeployment, sunrise was occurring, shedding light on the procedure. This direct source of light illuminated Hubble (as seen in the photos) and in turn, it cast its profile onto the object as it pulled up beside the telescope. This naturally occurred as the HST became an obstacle which  prevented the sunlight from hitting the surface of the UFO, creating the disproportionate coloring and pattern seen.                         It is no coincidence that that this darkened area happens to match the profile of the object obscuring the light which recreates the perfectly circular barrel of the HST and the 45 degree angled lower solar array below it. Here are screenshots of the interior of the Discovery as the redeployment took place.

7 6

Logic 101.

If the UFO was not sitting directly behind Hubble, then there would be nothing for the shadow to be cast onto and no shadow would be seen. The fact that the shadow of the HST appears on both of these frames can only point to the fact that a solid physical object had to be present during the time these images were taken and is the sole reason why you see the shadow of the HST in these images.

I had now verified that the solid  unidentified object seen in frame 73 was indeed a real UFO and i had now found hard scientific evidence that proved this object was in orbit on December 25th 1999. This was a total of eleven years since i had first set out on a worldwide search to find and present ‘Corroborating Evidence’.

For a rookie, i think i did alright. Finding hard evidence of E.T in orbit was not how i expected to conclude my investigation. I’ve been argued with, laughed at, slagged off and insulted but you cant argue with science and i ultimately got to enjoy the last laugh.

Aliens in orbit, 323 miles above Australia. Case closed.

Elaborating even further, lets now take a look at some of the photo-fit reconstruction that i performed on these images.

On frame 59 i also identified the opposite symmetrical side to the details i discovered in frame 69 back in 2012. This was now the third frame in which i had picked out this detailing as it also appears in frames 69 and in frame 73 and now i had a third image.

The big problem that arises from all this is the repeated mantra from NASA and ESA that the object observed in these images is nothing but ‘lots of reflections going on’ because i cannot wrap my head around how basic scientific observation can be denied.

Follow the science. It does not lie. The Hubble space telescope and crew of the orbiter had a close encounter with a solid physical object.

Shadows do not lie. For they have no tongue.

69 x
STS103-734-73_3 detail


STS103-734-59 with detail from frame 69 overlapped


Above: photo-fit reconstruction of the UFO from both frames 59 and 69


The red circled area is detailing from frame 59. It contains a dark spot (seen beside tip of solar array) Its matching counterpart is highlighted in the yellow circle which is detailing from frame 69 which has been overlapped and sized and positioned. This actually was not the desired intention, as i was actually scaling the curve of the top of the UFO with both frames and the match then occurred and became evident.

By discovering this further piece of the puzzle, it was satisfying to discover yet another bombshell for NASA/ESA. It was clear that the UFO had been observing for at least 40 minutes prior to the redeployment.

Further blatant things had been staring me in the face for years. Like the blue light that appears on frame 59 that corresponds to the same details seen in frame 73.




Discovery’s upper deck
1401151_662877907085364_1597038471_o (1)
Astronaut Claude Nicollier taking the photos in question during STS103.

Claude Nicollier also designed the mission patch for STS103. He kindly allowed me to include the mission patch and incorporate it into the artwork for the cover of my book, ‘Corroborating Evidence.’


Update 9th June/21

Having identified the shadow of the HST on the hull of the UFO on August 31st 2012, I had already established that the object seen in these images is NOT- I repeat NOT the reflection of the interior of the space shuttle. 


”James, thanks for sending these along but again these are just reflections and lens flares of the highly overexposed areas of the space telescope. I can see mirrored reflections of the Hubble surface details in the reflections. I think you are chasing your tail on this one my friend…”
”….Why is it that you guys always end up pulling the secret super mysterious “expert better than you” clause out when you have no argument? My opinions are based on science and 35 years in the field James!…”
Marc Dantonio
MUFONs ‘Image Expert’
Well Wilbur Allen is more qualified is he not? and if Marks opinions are based in science then the laws of physics are different where he comes from. And having a 35 year career means absolutely nothing as the B.E.A.M.S. investigator discovered when i proved her 30 years of experience wrong.  


The Canadarm

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