On December 4th 1999, I experienced a UFO sighing of a stationary object which displayed very powerful red green and blue lights. This object then shot up at 45 degrees, leaving a trail of light behind it as it moved. The UFO abruptly stopped and the light trail recoiled back towards it. It then moved in the opposite direction before stopping again and then it moved a third time, back to its starting position. Then it repeated these movements a handful of times, creating hoops of light as it moved around extremely fast. Then it shot off on a wide arc and was miles away in the click of a finger. I had just observed something incredible but did not expect what was to follow less than fifteen minutes later.

For at around 05.00GMT on December 4th, I went on to have a second closer range sighting which ended with the UFO imploding in a bright flash as it vanished from view without moving.

I went on to have further interaction with UFOs over the next three weeks that followed. I observed Tornado jets in pursuit on December 11th and 15th and submitted an official UFO report at 03.30 on December 15th. My last encounter occurred at 04.45GMT on December 25th 1999.

So when it actually came to sitting down and researching this subject with the intention of finding Corroborating evidence, I knew I had set myself a herculean task. The response I received from the MoD was the trigger that set me in motion.

Over the course of the last twenty years since my encounters, i delved into my own curiosity hoping to find and discover ‘corroborating evidence’ to disprove the MoD, never fully expecting to achieve that elusive goal- providing hard evidence of E.T.

But in May 2010 my attention was drawn to the servicing mission images from STS103, launched on December 19th 1999. Frames 58 and 59 were uploaded. Later in October 2010, frame 73 was uploaded, showing what appeared to be a solid physical craft. Curiously, it was not until two years later that i finally got around to reviewing these images. It was not until i got the links for these images and compiled them that i realized that all three URL links were identical with the exception of the frame number. So i began to chance the digits and went up and down the sequence of images taken during the redeployment. Once i had the entire sequence of images, i began to examine them with the objective of finding evidence to support that this was a moving object or the reflection of the interior of the shuttle- as NASA claims.

On August 31st 2012, I made a huge discovery that left me in a state of shock for around three weeks. After identifying the slightest bit of detail, I worked to enhance it and was blown away by what I discovered. I knew instantly that this finding not only confirmed that the UFO was not reflections and presented a headache for NASA.

I quickly realised that i was looking at the shadow if the HST being cast onto the hull of the UFO which proved beyond any doubt that i was looking at a solid physical object. Here is the hurried video i made to document the discovery. NASA UFO DISCOVERED Published on Sep 20, 2012 DISCOVERED ON August 31st 2012 – YouTube

Now here is the composite I made detailing the finding.: sts103 the hidden ufo present during the redeployment of the HST – YouTube

Its not rocket science

After gaining the courage to approach the ESA, I was given ‘extremely silly answers’ which upset me. Either they make it all up as they go along, or are extremely incompetent or they are liars.

Despite not having millions of dollars to fund my search for extra terrestrial life, it would appear that I have done a better job that those with unlimited cash at their disposal.

This new discovery of identifying the shadow of the Canadian arm of the shuttle on the hull of this object, throws NASAs conclusions in the bin. When they say there is no evidence to support the E.T. hypnosis- they are merely doing their job by lying.

My research has concluded that during the run up to and during the redeployment of the HST an unknown intelligence was making observations and made a close up inspection of the telescope as it was released.

The shadow of the HST is clear to see on frame 69 and now on frame 73,the shadow of the Canadian arm is also visible. This would be impossible it it was the reflection of the interior.

With all the hype surrounding Jeremy Corbell’s amateur martial and ‘no evidence of E.T. being trumpeted around, the timing of this new discovery could not have come at a better time.

My name is James Welsh and I have found hard evidence of a solid physical craft in orbit. Again. Actually, evidence of not one,, not two, not three but four of them.

update 27/6/21: Since publishing this post I have since gone on to identifying bipedal biological entities standing with their hands up on the windows looking at the Discovery below them on frames 58 and 59.

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