Many of the circles seen on the surface are additional lighting for the ‘projection screen’ and some are for the ejection of plasma when descending. Plasma is a by-product of the field they generate and used as the propellant that allows them to get from A to B while resting comfortably in a ‘hammock.’

After sketching some of the main fabrication on this craft in this frame, i then had the idea to mirror the image and line up the trenches with the mirrored overlap.

Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

Using the overlapped sketch i did for frame 73, i could now establish the scale and correct proportions of this craft and sized up the trenches to the correct position and scale. It was only then that i was able to conclude this was indeed a triangular shaped spacecraft in orbit with Hubble. Immediately my thoughts returned to Illinois on January 5th 2000. This was the exact same type of craft that they had all observed.

This is what i also observed close range on December 4th and 11th 1999.

I just realised there and then, that in addition to cracking open the STS103 Hubble redeployment sequence of events , solving my own encounters i had just solved the events in Illinois as well. This was an achievement of solving three major UFO mysteries in just four days. (Or sixty orbits of Hubble) I done the math. I may have solved three cases in just four days but in total it took twenty-one years six months and nine days. Or 117,930 orbits of Hubble around the planet.

Note: The shadow you see on frame 74 above the ‘glareshield’ has grown wider in this frame. Its thinner in frame 73. The spacecraft is obviously moving. The circled are represents the position of the front left ‘headlight’.
Two opposite circles =Headlights , with spotlight and trench profile shown. The ovals on each side are generators. They are downward facing ovals as they are like marshmallows or pillows mounted under a very powerful ‘jetski’. The shape and purpose is to glide effortlessly across an ocean they skim over the surface of space with. They don’t travel through it. They travel over it.

Lets move on to frame STS103-734-75

Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

STS103-734-58 NASA LINK STS103-734-58_3.JPG (4143×4096) (
STS103 -734-59 NASA LINK 8


NASA LINK STS103-734-66_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734 -67


STS103-734 -68 NASA LINK

STS103-734- 69 NASA LINK


NASA LINK STS103-734-70_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734- 71

NASA LINK STS103-734-71_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734- 72

NASA LINK STS103-734-72_3.JPG (4127×4096) (


STS103-734-73_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 74


STS103-734-74_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 75

NASA LINK STS103-734-76_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 76

NASA LINK STS103-734-76_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

NASA LINK STS103-734- 77


STS103 Conclusions The Civilian UAP Report From the Office of James Welsh
Introducing Adam
Off the spectrum
The Oldest Question
The cloaking device explained
concrete evidence of E.T.
New Discoveries Shed New Light
Water on Mars
Communication Received and Understood
Illinois Conclusion

The civilian UAP report Edit Post ‹ Corroborating Evidence Operations — Edit Post ‹ Corroborating Evidence Operations —

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