Corroborated Evidence of E.T. in Orbit.

A reconstruction of how i was able to identify the object seen in the Hubble Mission frames from STS103.

In 2012 I reviewed these mission images looking to see if i could find the sequence of photos taken during the redeployment and see if i could understand exactly what was going on with these images. As far back as then, NASA stated that they were only reflections. Such is the case now as ESA communications manager recently congratulated me on finding just that. But the sole purpose of examining these images was to make them revaluate that hypnosis’s.

On august 31st 2012 i discovered this while examining this small area on frame STS103-734-69. Then upon zooming back out, i was both shocked and surprised to see the rest of the image that then popped out the image.

The small bit of detail I enhanced on frame NASA mission frame STS103-734-69 On August 31st 2012. Please note the dark circle.

At first it, i simply had no idea what i was looking at? The object is curved like it slopes down like the bonnet of WV Beetle motor vehicle. There are perfectly straight lines which appear under the object as well as on it and in addition there was this big darkened area. What was this i was looking at?

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