My name is James Welsh. live in Glasgow Scotland.

During December 1999 I experienced multiple close range sighting events with alien space craft. I have been researching my events since 2001, publishing the evidence of a UFO on NASA images taken during the same time as my experiences in 2012 and published my book on this investigation in 2014.

Until this June, I thought I was just an eyewitness. Now it has been revealed to me that I was taken by entitles on December 11th 1999. So now a lot makes complete sense to me about many of the mysteries surrounding my multiple events AND THE TIMEFRAME THEY OCCCURED.

Now this July 2021 I have something else to show the world.

This is my Civilian UAP Report.

My name is James. Please take the time to look at what I have discovered. On not just one photo but an entire series of them. Furthermore, I have connected the STS103 UFO with my sightings and also to Illinois which occurred at the same timeframe, solving three separate UFO events almost simultaneously and also delivering corroborated evidence of extra terrestrial visitors to our planet.

This is the story of how I met Adam.

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