Introducing Adam

Adam. More on Adam soon!

Never in the history of man has any human been able to collect and amass such a solid data set ,to package and reinforce his evidence of his own UAP encounters to such lengths. . The evidence supplied by author and experiencer, James Welsh has now definitely proved beyond any doubt that the recently published pentagons UAP reports conclusions need urgent reassessment based on the dataset. now provided.

From the moment of release, this evidence by Welsh means several things must be revaluated with immediate urgency. The policy makers will be working overtime, and become sleep deprived while trying to quantify and digest the knowledge Welsh had had to ‘sit upon’ and hold back on, while the world and its inhabitants are fed a massive lie .

The inability for the UAPTS to deliver evidence remotely in the same ball park as Welsh, clearly demonstrates that endlessly throwing money into a project will not guarantee results. And not getting results is not a green light for more resources to be used to yield as many results as before.

The UAPTS has been shown now to be a complete waste of time and effort because they failed to achieve results but that was the whole entire point. Usually when a murder suspect is brought in for questioning, they are all to eager to assist in the police operating to catch the guilty party. And in this case the guilty party just happens to be the UAPTS.

Eager to run around with their magnifying glasses out, ,they make a song and dance and many lapped it all up. The consensus was that the US government was actively attempting to get to the bottom of the UAP mystery , and they are telling you this while adding the latest layer of paint on top of the 1969 report.

Fancy words, describing bin bags caught on a breeze, night vision footage of a commercial 737, cockpit footage of a Batman balloon etc etc and the UAP phenomena remains not just unsolved, but now more mysterious than ever according to the report. Now that the report is out, the military powers that be, the gatekeepers of hidden knowledge finally can let out a huge sigh of relief as the creation of the ABCDEFG agency has been worth all that investment.

Now they can sit pretty with their feet up while laughing at humanity while we all get let down that there is no evidence of aliens visiting our planet.

More funding needs to made available so they can continue the pursuit of how an airborne bin bag could create a hazard for a commercial airliner and poses an imminent threat to the aviation industry. Send more cash. The mystery might be solved in another 70 years. You will all be dead and long gone and the perpetual lie can continue.

Well that is not the case any longer. The lie is DEAD. The UFO coverup, the Gordian knot i have examined for a decade has been sliced in two. The cat has bolted and the gates thrown open. No longer do you need to be a four star general with an above top secret classification to be privy to the knowledge up until yesterday only they possessed.

The bottom line is that along with help from ‘them’, I have been able to reconstruct, present and explain just how wrong the Pentagon reports conclusions are and expose the lie that has been repeated for seventy-four years now.

The UFO cover-up ends today.



STS103 CONCLUSIONS From the Office of James Welsh
introducing Adam
off the spectrum
The oldest question has now officially been answered
The cloaking device explained
concrete evidence of E.T.
communication received and understood

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