Off the Spectrum

Communication Confirmation and Quantification

The sudden realisation in the small hours of the morning that leads you to conclude its time to sit down and attempt to take in a lecture all about plasma and you pick up when hearing the professor starting to discuss ion drifting in a plasma trail and happened to look back at the screen……

So that happened last night and the end result was that I heavily tuned in to what was being said while i was multitasking, attempting to discover the secrets of the universe. And unrealised at that moment was that sacred number bubbling up to the surface while I was learning these secrets.

So, I quickly moved the mouse and brought you tube back up as my main viewing window. There in the screen is a neutron and the professor is just about to demonstrate the ion path caused by a plasma trail. (Plasma and Plasma Physics).

Follow the light trail James!

Twenty years its taken me to realise this but i was on the right trail the entire time, i was just standing on the opposite platform of where I was meant to be.

The light trails that these UFOs I observed produced was one of the key features and visually notable elements to my sighting account in the ‘Eleventh Hour’ document i published in 2001. Now because this was a very obvious trait of these spacecraft, it remains as one of the key elements of my earlier research carried out between 2001 and 2011. These results were then published in 2014 book ,’corroborating evidence’ The UFO Investigation of the Millennium. For all those years I had no idea that i was carrying a message from them from the moment of initial visual contact with seeing the stationary spacecraft hovering silently in the cold black clear frozen sky above the south side of Glasgow on December 4th 1999 at 04.45GMT.

So there i was furiously trying to make sense of all of this torrent of fresh knowledge and newfound understanding of what exactly it it in each NASA Hubble image I was looking at in all twelve redeployment images.

Suddenly I was able to start explaining the exterior functions of the craft with much greater authority than i should have reasonably been able to. I now understood that the craft itself had been specifically drawn up on paper before construction even began on it with the job of allowing , facilitating, accommodating and performing one basic task.

The architect who drew this up had been tasked with designing a vehicle which was to be used for covert stealth missions on hostile alien planets. The ships and their occupants are just a diplomatic educational social engineering program which has been in operation now decades. Their presence here much longer. This vehicle which you see in the NASA Hubble images is that craft which was designed for that purpose. I will be writing a paper on the necessity for the designers employers for the need of such a craft in the coming days.

But for now i just want to touch on something VERY interesting that i have learned since dipping my toes in the world of physics, magnetism, superconductors, tesla coils and ion trails caused by plasma ejections.

Here is where you learn what I learned yesterday (27/6/21)

So there I was , trying to prepare the evidence for the CUAPR and I’m also multitasking and listening to a lecture by the Atomic Energy Commission UK about plasma physics.

Langmuir waves are very interesting. They can cause interference.

This will be why jets when attempting to pursue UFOs and get too close experience weapon failure and electronic interference. Basically the jets end up in the wake of the ships Langmuir waves and this causes interferance with the jets electronics as the air organises its self.

So if i was holding a baby I would have dropped it this morning.

I learned that the negatively and positively charged ions do this…..

So I came across this illustration of the pathway a negatively charged ion would take.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is koya79151000477-1.jpg

My mind was blown.

This then led to having the passing thought to then take a look at the colour spectrum and I came across this….

Very rapidly flashing red green and blue lights is exactly what I observed and got my attention on December 4th 1999 at 04.45. So i am now of the informed opinion that on that morning on my initial sighing event, I was probably viewed in Ultraviolet and Infrared as well as being broadcast to.

This explanation for these lights now makes complete and utter sense for the first time in twenty years. Contact was established that morning, They just refused to let me know until now and only reveal what is required at that time. For example, I went to sketch the path of the UFO I observed at 04.45 on December 4th 1999 onto the screenshot of the negative ion trail to show Ron Halliday and Malcolm Robinson. So I opened the screenshot up in paint and started to doodle the movement or path that the UFO took before shooting off. I drew the three lines or paths the plasma trial made. straight lines. Then I added in the oval to represent the craft, added the first, added the second and then realised that not only had the UFO made an identical light trail with hoops as the path a negatively charged ion would negative ion drift make but in addition ,there as I’m marking out the pathway and positions this UFO made and sketching it down. Something amazing was revealed once again to me. I was tickled. Up until this point i had been translating the language wrong.

As it turns out, i think I was getting instructions on how it worked.

So now I’m getting visions of this pattern something that’s always had my attention fixed on this when i see it. It is the same shape as the three big lights under these craft. I believe they are gravity wave ‘skis’

My trade, most of my adult life has been cooking and preparing food. I’m usually in and out of fridges all day and suddenly realise my fixation with the pattern on egg boxes. Things like this have been entering my mind, images and concepts and nature in all her splendour and glory.

The waveform is separated- like a sandwich and something . This also explains the gap between these ‘skis’ with these and the floating triangular platforms themselves.

Like a giant net or bed around the earth, the visitors sit afloat on the gravitational wavelengths like a boat on water.
UFO author Peter Robbins with me at the location of this initial event on December 4th 1999. the UFO drew itself in the sky before giving a demonstration of negative and positive ion pathways while leaving me confused for 21 years.
Realising that the UFO ‘drew’ its own form in the sky before then breaking into the high speed clockwise loops and then catapulting across the sky with a long light trail. This long trail of blue white light was a plasma trail as seen on frame NASA frame 77 (Plasma bubbles present) So not only did the UFO communicate what it was, but also communicated that it worked by generating plasma and despite the effects of these opposing ion particles, it did not suffer from the effects of ion drift and could control them.
If the demonstration they gave me was not direct contact, , just what are the chances of this being coincidental.
I don’t understand particle physics but I do know what I saw and it was a combination of both these positive and negative trails combined. How I made the leap is another mystery.

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