Overlooked Evidence… SMOKING GUN PROOF of E.T. in orbit ignored by Hubble Scientists

Way back in December 1999 , I experienced a flurry of close range UFO sightings which led to me submitting the longest Mod UFO report of the entire year and also triggered a decade long investigation into the worldwide UFO phenomenon. The investigation was multi facetted and explored many aspects of the events that have transpired ever since the birth of the modern UFO era. In fact, I went even further back in time to 1898 simply to demonstrate that advanced aerial vehicles capable of extraordinary performance and maneuverability were being observed in the skies around the globe well before the Wright brothers were even accredited with achieving mechanical flight.

Part of my research involved scanning though historical UFO reports to see if I could find descriptive matches to the types of UFOs I had observed.  I found scores of them.

Another branch of research involved looking at certain events which also took place that month. And after spending many years looking around the world for definitive corroborating evidence of extra terrestrial visitation, I finally found what I had been searching for all those years when my attention was drawn back to space travel. Copy of sts-103.jpgOn December 19th 1999, the Space Shuttle Discovery was launched from pad, 39B and rocketed into orbit to rendezvous with the Hubble Space Telescope.  At the time of the launch, I was aware that the mission was to take place and wondered if the mission footage or imagery would reveal anything ‘unusual’.  Previous missions had provided controversial data beforehand and for anyone unfamiliar with NASA footage containing anomalous objects, I highly recommend checking out the extensive work carried out by Martin Stubbs.

Suddenly it was 2010 and nine years had passed since I began my ‘UFO INVESTIGATION OF THE MILLENNIUM.’

That summer, I was reviewing the material I had collected for each day of the month of December 1999. When it came to reviewing December 19th, I recalled the launch of the Discovery on its mission to upgrade and repair Hubble.

After doing a Google search  for STS103 ufo , I was directed to a video uploaded earlier that year which presented NASA images allegedly taken during on that mission. My curiosity was peaked when I lay eyes upon NASA mission frame STS103-734-58

Here is the link to the text which accompanied the video.


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