The Oldest Question in Human History has NOW been Answered.

Important note for those unaware or just ignorant:

Rendering or image synthesis is the process of generating an image from a 2d or a 3D model using a computer program. The resulting image is referred to as the render. Multiple models can be defined in a scene file containing objects in a strictly defined language or data structure. The scene file contains geometry, viewpoint, texture, lighting and shading information describing the virtual scene. The data contained in the scene file is then passed to a rendering program to be processed and output to a digital image or raster graphic image file or raster graphics image file. . Rendering (computer graphics) – Wikipedia

Before rendering: On the NASA image BEFORE any restoration was even attempted, a total of ten distinguishable features on the entity can be clearly seen. Head, arm, shoulder, hand ,fingers, thumb, torso, and legs. Also eye and mouth profile. They are inside the massive ship you can see part of at the bottom of the NASA image. See here STS103-734-58_3.JPG (4143×4096) (


The E.T. mystery is solved They Grey’s DO EXIST. They, like us have a civilisation and society, entertainment sports, arts spirituality colleges schools religious dogma, family’s, pets, loved ones and they like us can also enjoy a good laugh, surprizes and a good old mystery especially when it comes to understanding their own place in the universe. And just like us, they don’t hold all the answers either. But they exist and they are here. Vastly more intelligent than humans with a large cranium and large eye sockets, suggestive of a brain with more abilities and functions than your average human. They have been watching us for some time and during the course of their decades long surveillance of our activities have been cautiously hiding behind the curtain, trying to do their best not to been seen and spoil the big surprize. They cannot simply just jump out from behind the curtain because the majority of people in the room would react in panic and they would face hostility suspicion and paranoia . Instead , these entities made the decision to make it clear to a couple of people in the room of their intention to come from behind the unseen barrier that stands between us both when the appropriate time was right to do so..

Those people in the room have known about them standing behind the curtain for a long time. They have been engaged in social engineering for decades, informing those they trusted to spread the word that they are ready to appear. So many people in the room will already know what is to come.

When enough people are in the room and talking about Unidentified Curtain Phenomena (UCP) Pre- planned arrangements have been set in place and now that the time is right, the nod will be given for someone to stand up and make the announcement that they have pre learned knowledge that the UCP enigma has been solved and then once everyone in the room learns and understands that the UAP enigma HAS been solved, then the curtain will be slowly drawn back.

Recognition must come first.

So on that note: May I have everyone’s attention please?

Thank you.

Everyone, i have listened to you all here talking away in this room for 20 years asking what the UCP could be. In that twenty years, while listening to the background noise in the room, i have carefully walked around taking notes and eventually i found my research was not to be found inside the room but outside of it. In 2012 i stopped listening to what was taking place in the room and decided to focus my attention to outside the window. This drew me closer to the curtains and eventually i spotted what i now know to be a toe under the curtains. After almost a decade after seeing the ‘toe’ , i learned that the toe was connected to something much larger and i was not simply looking at a toe.

So here we all are in the room and you are all standing looking at me. I now have your attention. I can now confirm that the UCP is someone who has been standing behind the curtian for ages just waiting to be announced once everyone was in the room.

So now that we are all gathered together it is my absolute pleasure to announce that there is someone behind the curtain despite them telling you there is not.

Please do not panic, he has toes but the toes have no hostile intentions. The toes and the owner of the toes do not represent a threat to Humanity. Life is precious.

So ladies and Gentlemen please stand up and give a very warm welcome to my co-conspirators , they have put so much planning into this THAT YOU WOULD NEVER BELIEVE ME.

I cant even quantify it myself.


THE CARE AND PRECISION THEY HAVE APPLIED to this project is mind blowing. It has been the most incredible set of revelations and wonderfully executed BY THEM. With about 21 years hard work on my part.

In 1999 I experienced close range UAP encounters.

In 2012 I began to research the STS103 Hubble serving mission December 19-25th 1999. On August 31st i discovered the shadow of the HST on the hull of a solid object.

In 2014 I published that evidence solving only a piece of the puzzle.

Now in 2021 I have solved the ENTIRE puzzle. There was someone behind the curtain the entire time.

And I know what they want from us. Its really simple and it costs nothing and the benefits far outweigh another seventy years of denial. Today is the day humanity grows up.

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