Three UFO Events Solved in four days

Its not everyday I bust a UFO case wide open. Its not everyday that I provide unquestionable hard evidence of a solid physical craft in orbit. Its not everyday that i discover the shadows of satellites and mechanical arm from the shuttle reflecting in sunlight off the hull of the solid object I discovered in orbit. Its not every day that manage to reconstruct the object I found in orbit and realise I am looking at a large triangular UFO. Its not every day that I have a flood of memory recall about my own close encounters and remember these events now in super 3D high definition quality sharp memory recollection. Its not everyday I then have the recollection to only now cover in detail, events which I already covered but only hinted at at the end of the book I published on July 8th 2014. Its not everyday that marks the anniversary of the Roswell Daily Record headline being published announcing that the Air Force had recovered a flying disk in 1947 announcing to the world the revelation that we are not alone.

So that’s why I felt it was a cosmic symbolic gesture to publish the results of my Ufo Investigation of the Millennium on that very date in 2014.

Why I chose not to go into the events of January 5th was because it was not worthy of a simple footnote. It was too big a series of events to not go into without further extensive material being generated. I made a conscious decision prior to publication, to cover the matter in an updated edition which is now overdue. For seven years the results of my 2001 -2012 investigation have been out there in the cosmos. Now part of this physical universe. A reality that I carved out and created for myself, invisibly shaping the flow of my experience here in the physical realm. And we don’t have much time here, life is short and humanity now more than ever has to come to realize the gift of life and the opportunity we have every day to embrace our mortality and make the most out of every last breath. We need to grow up. Life is a precious precious thing. That big bright light in the dark that awakes you to an endless universe of possibilities that we can shape and mould together as one. The current climate crisis is highlighting the exact same thing. We need to clean house fast. Visitors are clearly coming to visit.

Its now been twenty one years since my encounters took place and my investigation began. An updated edition of my book is now unavoidable and i will have to sacrifice more of my life to the service of this role I play as the scribe in this matter. A role I once believed I played in a past life, in ancient Egypt, explaining my early childhood obsession with the pyramids, ankhs and all things Egyptian. This could possibly even connected with my impromptu visit to the pyramids of Giza on December 31st 1999, which I covered in Corroborating Evidence.

It was pure curiosity that drove me, sometimes, I think I when I was tired my ‘assistant driver’ took over eventually we got where we were going. And this was before satnav was a thing so getting here was no easy trip. But here we are.

Like I say, its not everyday I bust NASA Hubble mission images wide open and find conclusive evidence of a solid physical object in orbit with the shadow of the Hubble Space Telescope reflecting off the hull. Its not everyday I can confidently explain functions of the craft and show them non functioning and functioning. Its not everyday that I manage to reconstruct the UFO from the available photos and realise its a big triangular craft. Its not everyday that I realise that this triangular UFO is the exact same type of UAP activity I also observed. Its not everyday I tipple that this craft was identical in resemblance to the ones spotted in Illinois and review the eyewitness sketches and computer reconstructions then cross reference that source material and compare it with the object captured in the Hubble images. Its not everyday I expose a 75 year lie on the cover-up of UFO’s visiting our planet. Its not everyday I make the Pentagon report read like a microwave instruction manual for children. Its not everyday I find a mothership in orbit and its not everyday I find evidence of biological entities on NASAs own public website and get them cleaned up….

But when I do…..

Lets just call it the luck of the Irish.

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