Last time i spell it out.

For anyone looking at these series of images it is important to follow and understand the logic science and thought that went into these conclusions prior to publications.

Back in 2010 I learned about STS103-734-59 which contained a bluish white UFO. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. It was the same kind of UFOs i observed on 4th, 10th,11th, 14th,15th and 25th of that month. Some sightings were very close range events and four of these events all occurred at either 04.45GMT (X3) and one at 16.45GMT. I always found this noteworthy.

In 2012, while editing my book, Corroborating Evidence, I recalled the images while working on December 19th which was the day of the shuttle launch. Remembering the photos, I collected the links to the three i knew of for frames 58, 59 and 73. Realising all links were the same apart from the frame numbers, i began changing them and went though the mission images and found other images containing these objects. I established the timeline of images taken and went back and forth through these frames, simply trying to make sense out of what was going on in these images.

Looking though the sequence, frames 66,67 and 68 all have bright lights approaching the Discovery. Then 34 seconds later, Frame STS103-734-69 was taken. Followed by frame 70 Just 02 seconds after frame 69.

Frame 69

Astronaut Photo STS103-734-69 (

There is nothing there at first glance. And you would never know unless you had already went through the sequence prior to this and pre understood that this object appeared in frames 66, 67 and 68 and it also appeared in frames 70, 71,72,73,74,75 and 76. So the big mystery was obviously why was it missing in frame 69 but present in 68 and 70?

The obvious answer to me was because it was still there but remained unseen.

After simply enlarging the available image on their own webpage, I could clearly see a slight bit of detail lurking in the darkness. It was a flowing wave pattern and it caught my eye. I then downloaded it and worked on the contrasting and shadows. This small area is the detail that can be seen on the NASA webpage.

See the dark circle? Its the same one seen on the solid UFO on frame 73. Note the two wave lines and the line at the bottom.

Here is the object attached to the rest of that detail.

Its the shadow of the Hubble Space Telescope. Lets move along.
Directly to the left of the dark trench is the same detail on frame 69. Its a headlight. The same Headlights described by Illinois police eyewitnesses on January 5th 2000. The big area with the silver rim is a huge spotlight. As seen by myself during December 1999 and by police eyewitness in Illinois on January 5th 2000.

So now that i have earmarked the location of these features I can also now present frame 70, taken 02 seconds after frame 69.

So whatever it was there was something there. I could make out straight vertical sloping lines and still see the shadow of the HST in this image as well. The appearance of the straight horizonal lines becomes apparent. These are projected lasers. I sketched over the detail i was able to see to in frame 70 make it easier for people to understand what is going on in this image. The lasers are projected down the craft and from the sides and they intersect. like this.

After lightening up frame 71 I correctly identified that the dark stripe was a trench which has interconnecting lasers fired and running around its body. Like this…..

The lights in frames 66 to 68 were matched to the light fittings on the spotlight in frame 74
It was a perfect match, Now the object was now identified and could be tracked in frames 66 to 68.
Frame 72, that bit of detail i first picked out sure is moving around a lot. Note the partial double image. This is refraction caused by viewing though multiple windows.
technical DETAIL OVERLAID ON 73 AND THEN ONTO 66 to show the spacecrafts position in these frames.
And now we know its not the interior of the Discovery.

Frame 74

fRme 74 overlaid with some of the details i wanted to present to sow this is a spacecraft witha big spotlight at the front.

So what do we know?

Frame 75 Cropped) showing upper portside of the UFO. Note the same kind of trench seen at the front of the craft.
The smoothened edges of the craft – Note the copper coiling. I wonder what the use could be possibly be for that ? :.

We know that over an hour before the redeployment two other images were also taken. Lets go back and now rewiew frames

Unaltered, unedited just plain old eyesight and a little insight.
So that big thing that was directly in front of Hubble just 19 seconds beforehand is now suddenly ducking under the HST and has a trench that fires projected laser down its back too.

This is a laser system which is projected from a ‘penthouse’ on top of the craft. The angled beams of this projected laser beams can be seen herein fame 59

The lasers file down the trenches and rebound on the upper inside of these trenches off the nub on top of the headlights. The stepped or waved fabrication of the top of these lights is to accommodate the path of these lasers- as is the curved tiered hull.

Frame 59 with the detail i first found on frame 69 overlaid. Note the opposite matching detail. The Spacecraft has also activated its spotlight.

Note the bluish aura at an angle -top right. Also notice the black sphere.
The ship appears to rise in tiers with the projected penthouse at the top. These lasers trap excess light escaping them.

So far frames 69, 70, 71 and 72, 73 and 74 all present evidence of lasers in the unaltered NASA images.

So what do we know so far?

Frames 66,67 and 68 all show the structured object which appears in frame71,72, 73 , 74, 75, and 76.

So far we have also learned is uses lasers. We also know that its missing in frame 69 and semi present in frame 70. with evidence of lasers also present in frame 70. So based on the fact i had extracted it from frame 69 i was let to conclude that the object that i found in frame sts103-734-69 was indeed there as i has suspected it be using nothing but logic. The bottom line was that, i was left to conclude that the object cloaked its presence as it approached the Discovery. Seven years ago i thought i could see something else in that frame. A grey on frame 69. I put it in the grey bin and only recently rediscovered it on my Facebook memory timeline from seven years ago.

Can you see him? I found the Greys seven years ago but didn’t know it.

Frame 69. With alien looking out at Hubble up close. Note the circled area and straight lines and colour change? Remember i mentioned the word Lasers at one point?
So what else do we know about these frames? Well we know that on frame 58 , multiple yellow windows and a blue lit window can be seen. Where are the windows coming from? Could it be the huge UFO that is cruising by Hubble on the left with the two arched window frames that are part of a four window archway setup that is obscured by what look like figures? Surely then that could only mean that these two entities seen directly above Hubble were on the upper deck of that same ship and were also looking out the windows?
So all the evidence in these mission frames points to a structured object in orbit. Above you see two occupants of the ship attached to them as indicated below by the big ship thing in the image. its pretty straight forward really. Simple breadcrumb trail. So the entities seen above, have 10 points of articulation and that’s just observing the image. I had this image professionally restored and textured to try present it to the public in better detail. I actually cracked up at the employed freelancer i hired as i got the impression he doodled on it. I was shocked when he said that after the de pixilation of dead pixels while retexturizing the image for me, this was they looked like after the process had been carried out. . This is not photoshopped in any other way. Only fixed and retextured. Its a match to the one i found on a Google search for a removed video with an identical profile.
What was John looking at?
People at windows
After re- texturization to restore better image quality for the viewer. Not to be lectured to by people with an opinion.
The you tube video hosting his twin was removed from you tube
And why was this You Tube video of an identical alien being removed from You Tube?

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