Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center
In the last frame there were three UFOs that I located and correctly identified. Now I have established that there is a massive cube suspended in this frame although it cannot be seen properly with the exception of a couple of lights in the distance. Now there are UFOs four in this image. This was a deliberate action with a twist.

There’s obviously the huge cube , one mid frame and that area at the bottom of the frame is one as well. The craft on the right has cloaked its presence while the one seen mid frame is captured on film while in the process of decloaking. So in frame 58 ,The blue white spacecraft remained cloaked while the one in the foreground was visible. Now the opposite has occurred in frame 59 taken only 20 seconds later. (The one in the background is now visible while the one nearly has cloaked) Again, this is all deliberate and part of a twenty year strategy and masterplan.

They planned all of this so I would figure it all out and relay this information one day. It is the definitive reason. Its the clearest reason why it is me delivering this information and no one else. Only in the last few weeks of June 2021 have I experienced a mental unblocking. I now understand the true purpose of my encounters. It seems I conspired with them and I’ve been a ‘sleeper agent’ all along for the last 21 years. These photographs were staged for my benefit so that one day when the time was right everything i had done before now would lay the groundwork for what was to follow now in 2021. Now that time has arrived and slowly more is being revealed to me in the days leading up to me publishing this material.

Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center The position of the cloaked spacecraft which appeared in frame 58 taken 20 seconds beforehand.
Photo credits: the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Centrer. When I first seen his image in May 2010, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, I will return to discuss more on this spacecraft later .
Note there is a change in lighting above the craft into a blue glow forming a ‘pyramid framework’ This is a massive spacecraft. It also activated its spotlight so I could point that out as well as it played a huge part in my own encounters but also plays a significant role in the Illinois case when I serve that up as the third and final UFO case I have included in my Civilian UAP Report.

This craft is using powerful spotlight which is used in combination with the dark sphere that you can see above the spotlight. The craft cloaks by means of activating lights located all over its bodywork and essentially turning itself into a projection screen. A special layer of material spirals down from the top of the ship and runs to the edges of the ship. The ship then activates a series of laser beams (harmless) from various part of the ship forming a geometric form around the craft. I think the lasers are used to trap any light from escaping the defined perimeter set around the ship.

The metallic sphere is one of several that is carried along by the ships magnetic current. These spheres record and project onto the craft, thereby boxing it in with images of the surrounding sky. These projection units are housed in gyroscopes and this is why these spheres have tracks across them.

A basic representation of how the ship cloaks itself. This image only shows half of how it actually works.

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Introducing Adam
Off the spectrum
The Oldest Question
The cloaking device explained
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New Discoveries Shed New Light
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Communication Received and Understood
Illinois Conclusion

The civilian UAP report Edit Post ‹ Corroborating Evidence Operations — Edit Post ‹ Corroborating Evidence Operations — NASA LINK STS103-734-58_3.JPG (4143×4096) (
STS103 -734-59 NASA LINK 8

STS103 -734-59

STS103-734-66_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734 -67 NASA LINK

STS103-734 -68 NASA LINK

STS103-734- 69 NASA LINK


STS103-734-70_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734- 71

STS103-734-71_3.JPG (4143×4096) (
STS103-734- 72

STS103-734-72_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734-73_3.JPG (4127×4096) (
STS103-734- 74

STS103-734-74_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 75

STS103-734-76_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 76

STS103-734-76_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 77

STS103-734-72_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

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