Now knowing and understanding that in the hour before the redeployment of the HST , UFO activity was recorded taking place around the Discovery and HST, I decided to go back even further in the images sequence to look for further evidence of these activities.

Upon waking on 5/7/21 I immediately put on my lab coat and sat myself down once again to review these mission images with a coffee as my companion as I travelled almost instantly into orbit 323 miles above the earth.

Within moments of arriving in low earth orbit from my living room, I was greeted by memories of long ago in 2012 when I first went through all these additional frames. I was of course back on the Astronauts Photography of the Earth website. Again. The intention was to check the time stamps to include in the video I am currently editing showcasing the findings on these images but i realised I would be much faster scrolling though the timetable I set out in Corroborating Evidence published in 2014. I had a copy on the table and opened it to see that I had the foresight to include the time the last image was taken before the UFO sequence starting from frame 57.


Curiosity told me to go back and have a look so I did.

I personally thought that I could see a big straight line across the earth and followed it down with my eye.

Then the cube looking thing I had just only learned of on the initial rendering on frame STS103-734-58 hit me. It showed what appeared to be a giant cube and now this big dark area over earth with the straight line on frame 65 now made a lot more sense. This massive looking shadow was not definitive proof by a longshot but regardless, it did support the discovery of the huge cube discovered on STS103-734-58 (which I also expect will also be found in frame 59 as well.)

The massively gigantic cube that was exposed in frame STS103-734-58 also appears to have its shadow cast over the planet, vaguely confirming the finding on the rendering of frame STS103-734-58. STS103-734-65_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734-58, The giant cube discovered. Note the lights at the bottom of the image. These as well as the entities (including ten points of reference on these biological star travellers can be clearly seen on the public NASA website hosting these images.
original Image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center” 

On Frame 65, there appears to be a giant shadow of a cube cast over the earth, seeming to confirm the discovery on frame 58. I make no attempt to hide the fact that I hired a freelance photoshop expert to clean up frame 58 to see it in more detail.

On July 5th 2021, I realised by going this extra length to present my findings I am opening myself up to attack by those who choose to believe that I somehow managed to magically ‘fake’ this evidence. Its impossible. The evidence is on the mission images.
So I took a leaf from the scientific methodology handbook and decided to repeat the same experiment under different conditions to see I could achieve the same result as first time around. After notifying my peers, authors Ron Halliday and Malcom Robinson early that morning of my intentions, I then approached another freelancer on and asked him to perform a clean up of the same frame STS103-734-58. Later that day the second result of this experiment came back.
It was the same result.

So now I had two independent matching results confirming the same thing as each other. There was no doubt that this cube was indeed a real physical object of massive proportions and now frame STS103-734-65 appeared to support the conclusions reached by both of these image rendering professionals. What I did not count on at that time, was that I was still go onto discover even more corroborating evidence for this cube in frames 54 and 55 before the 6th July 2021 was over.

Now, I have provided the links to these images so MUFON or anyone else who wants to spend money to see if what I say is true, then by all means be my guest. I welcome further study of these images and look forward to discussing my findings with NASA, should they wish to open a line of dialogue. But given the fact they have lied to each and every one of us for decades, I highly doubt that any form of communication will be forthcoming until an apology is made by them to the people of this planet for the lies they have perpetrated since being formed in 1958 and lets not forget for one second that this public (lol) space agency was once helmed by a senior former member of the German Socialist Party. I have not forgotten NASAs dark esoteric past with the involvement of the likes of Jack Parsons, an avid follower of Allister Crowley, and practising occultist.

NASA...Never A Straight Answer. And as for the European Space Agency, they stand for Extremely Silly Answers so I don’t expert to get much coherent sense out of them. Their approach to handling my earlier enquiries to these matters has been quite laughable and might have been funny if I didn’t take the UFO cover-up quite so very seriously.

So now I have had the results of the first experiment confirmed and replicated by a separate source,

Both results SUGGEST that there was indeed a massive cube in orbit. Then on frame 65 there is a massive dark shadow across the planet. Interesting, thought not entirely conclusive at this point though. But lets bear in mind that I have already well established that the structured craft in frames 66 to 76 is indeed a solid physical craft – the very same kind of UAP activity that took place in Illinois on January 5th 2000.

I can understand people will no doubt be highly sceptical of these findings, stating that I had two professional photoshop experts go to work on these at my expense. I am aware that as a result of stepping up producing this research I will be mocked and I will no doubt be under attack by those that wish to write me off as a hoaxer. Believe me I am anything but. The research stands alone- I merely just put it all together.

Two professional 2-d photo reconstruction and rendering experts that both identified the same cube and now on frame STS103-734-65 appeared to be a massive shadow by a big cube like object. This image appeared to confirm both the freelancers independently reached conclusions of a large cube in orbit on frame 58.

If I was hoaxing it, then why would I bother to leave the breadcrumb trail explaining exactly how I made these discoveries, how I achieved the results and reached my final conclusions before going public with this information for everyone to check off all the data on their lists in an effort to debunk the body of evidence I lave laid out before all of you.

The evidence is on the NASA webpage and has been since 2010.

I am unable to give an explanation as to why I was unable to make these recent discoveries before now. It is only since matching up frame 66-68 with the spotlight on frame STS103-734-73 that I have make light years advance on my research as I had a violent flashback to those sightings encounters. This spotlight on this craft seen in frames 55 to 49 and in 73 off is the the same spotlight witnessed by myself on December 4th and 11th 1999. The same spotlight witnessed by a police observer in Illinois on January 5th 2000. It is also the same spotlight seen on frame 58.

Frame STS103-734-58 Take 2. (original)“Image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center” 
This is the result of the second independent image rendering I requested to test the results of the first rendering exercise. They matched. The cube is indeed real. Frame 65 appears to validate these findings of the cube on frame STS103-734-58.

Confirmation of the Cube then Found on STS103-734-65

Note to all the trolls and detractors ; before anyone starts screaming ‘fraud’, they can firstly chew on this piece of information. If these results were faked, then how come frame 65 happens to have a massive square shaped shadow cast onto the planets surface in the mission images? Ask yourselves how exactly did I fake this…..

STS103-734-65 “Image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center” 

A big dark shadow of a square cast onto the earth. Is this from the cube identified in frame 58? More than likely.
I believe it was in geosynchronous orbit with the rotation of the earth and is what is seen on frame STS103-734-65. It confirms the results I independently had reported back. So if the results I got were faked on my behalf as some will choose to believe, then how does it explain this shadow of a MASSIVE straight shadow across the earth on the NASA mission images website? STS103-734-65_3.JPG (4127×4096) (
NASA cannot get around to using space dust and ice particles this time around like they did with STS-75 tether incident footage exposed by Martyn Stubbs in 2001.

The following images in the STS103 sequence also now caught my eye on 5th July 2021 as I now understood a lot more about these craft based on my knowledge and current understanding of them. I guess you could say I connected or something. But I cannot stress the amount of information that I have managed to accumulate within four weeks is unusually high. I have managed to answer many profoundly ancient mysteries in just four weeks where people within these fields of study have spent their entire lives without making the kind of breakthroughs that i have somehow managed to accomplish in this very short time period.

I’ve bridged connections across the globe and in time and in space. I have seen our planets laid out on display, I’ve seen their ships land across this planet long ago. There is evidence everywhere across the globe that suggest a forgotten civilisation on earth- a forgotten one as author Graham Hancock suggests. Mankind has amnesia but all the pieces are there but mankind has not seen them until now all in place. Many have hinted but now all is compete.

The history of man and our place in the universe is about to be revealed. We are going to learn who we are. And I am willing to go along with it and explain it all as I now understand it to be. But before the day was over my further exploits on these mission images had a few other surprizes in store for me.

The Eurika moment came (again) on frame STS103-734-55.


This time I was putting a late goal in. Not content with my discovery collection, the universe offered up some more offerings just so I could tie a huge red bow in the myth that there is no proof of aliens, by making me look a little harder on frame 55. Out the window there are several sets of lights. I remembered coming across them years ago and was perplexed that i constrained my parameters not to include these other frames at the time of my initial research back in 2012. Having now rediscovered these other interesting images and now re-examining frame 55 , I was literally beside myself when i realised I have completely missed the profound significance that this photograph held to my research all those years ago.

Now looking at frame 55 once again out of sheer curiosity, I was amazed to see the familiar yellow lights that make their appearance on frames 66, 67 and 68. Same dull yellowish. As darkness fills my room in the small hours as dawn progresses eventually the only light of my monitor fills my room. I get to see things better. Especially now that I knew these objects were well established as being in the frames between 58 and 59 as well as 66 to 76.

Staring at frame 55 and he grouped yellow lights in the distance outside the orbiter, I realised I seen the cube forming again in the image and this is without me doing anything other than going to the public webpage and looking at this image. That’s all. Nothing other than the NASA source and my eyes. No need to ask for any help from digital photograph experts. But then I finally realised that thse yellow lights all appeared to be grouped around the cube and what appeared to be a big hanger at the bottom of the craft.…/STS103/STS103-734-55_3.JPG


Upon realising that these groups of lights outside the window in the distance appeared to be docked on a hanger bay, I informed Ron Halliday and Malcolm Robinson that I had finally done it. frames 54 and 55 confirmed the earlier findings of the giant cube and here it was again proving these discoveries were legitimate. This was it. Confirmation of the Mothership in orbit. Asides all of the individual pieces of evidence I have pieced together about these NASA frames, asides being able to provide all the prior supporting evidence in these frames all leading to finding ‘Adam’ and his friends on frame 58, this finding on frame 55 is there to view with your own eyes just like all the NASA frames from that mission. I am just pointing all this information out. This information needed pointed out.

STS103-734-55 “Image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center” 
STS103-734-55 “Image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center”
Further evidence of the huge cube Mothership in orbit with the Discovery and Hubble. This image was rendered and cleaned at my request upon coming across this frame again on the 5th July 2021. This massive cube full of UFOs and full of aliens that the UAPTF cant seem to find any evidence of.


“Image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center”
 The UFO spotlight seen here in frames 53, 52, 51,50 and 49. (and in frame 58 and frame 73 (from above) These lights spin in two directions simultaneously creating a whirling motion. As witnessed my myself on December 4th and 11th 1999 and also by police officer Ed Barton of Illinois police department on January 5th 2000. Please compare the eyewitness recreation by Daryl Barker. they are the same. 100% the same. Identical. Twinned. Recognised and realised.

I will conclude my STS103 research findings with frames 53 to 47 which tie in very nicely with the third UFO case which

I wish to include in my body of evidence for the Civilian UAP Report (The Illinois case on January 5th 2000)

Illinois state trooper Ed Barton’s eyewitness reconstruction from January 5th 2000.
IMAGE CREDIT Darryl barker

Obviously NASA know, but you and me and the rest of the population that inhabit this planet don’t have that classification level to know about these matters. But its ok for them to know and keep secret from us.


That ends today. UFO secrecy ends today. I have not only pointed out what is behind that curtain but I have climbed up and ripped the outdated curtains down. Who wants to remain in the shade when the sun is pouring in the windows?

Awake humanity. Accept and be grateful. Life just got a whole lot better. The secrecy they kept from you now revealed. Your history laid out.

Today is the day we grow up.

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