The Truth is that the UAP Hearings are Just Theater for the Masses.

There is no arguing with what I have discovered. The body of evidence when looked upon in its entirety simply screams the truth. I have collected, gathered and presented more than sufficient evidence to substantiate my claims of alien visitation to planet earth during December 1999. Over the last twenty-two years I have truly discovered that we are not alone in the cosmos and the weight of this evidence comes from NASA.GOV as the primary source in these investigations.

Introducing Adam. The alien entity on a public NASA server after he was restored by a freelancer.

Given the current situation regarding the subject of Unidentified Ariel Phenomena, seen and reported in our skies, the public hearings on UAPs have been the catalyst for my course of action.

During December 1999, I personally observed and reported UFO activity over Glasgow Scotland and then went on to take matters into my own hands and investigate these matters for myself. Now here in 2022, with the 75th anniversary of the Roswell incident rapidly approaching, the topic of UFOs has become a trending subject matter to the pont where public hearings are now taking place in congress in an attempt to tackle this elusive subject.

In 2010, I learned about the STS103 mission images and in 2012 I gained access to the entire mission roll 734, which contains the images taken during the redeployment of the Hubble Space Telescope. On August 31st, 2012, I exposed a cloaked solid physical craft in orbit -complete with the shadow profile of Hubble seen cast onto its hull. I went on to publish the results of my UFO Investigation of the millennium in my book, ‘Corroborating Evidence’ on July 8th 2014.

Starting with the evidence that I acquired in 2012 on the redeployment sequence between frames 66 to 76, it was clear that I had exposed the presence of the craft on frame 69 which also appears on frame 73.…/STS103/STS103-734-73_3.JPG After making editing changes, I would save the edited frame and then continue editing, saving multiple edited copies of the same frame. The dark area remained as a constant no matter how many changes were made during the editing process. This showed that this dark area was an artefact of the picture and was not caused by the editing process. The detail that I identified on frame 69…/STS103/STS103-734-69_3.JPG was compared with the details on the structured object in frame 73,…/STS103/STS103-734-73_3.JPG and the size angle and locations were examined and compared. The angle that both photographs were shot was also taken into consideration and after trying to expose this detail in more clarity by adjusting the exposure and brightness -the of the frame was also inadvertently exposed along with the area which I was zoomed in on. After initially being dumbstruck at what was exposed- an oval shaped , flat bottomed structured object- I realised that I had now revealed the craft which later appears on frames 73/74.…/STS103/STS103-734-73_3.JPG

What perplexed me at the time was the darkened area which appears on the revealed detail.

This is where my knowledge of photography came into play, along with further research into the mission via NASA’s own publicly available information online,

I learned that the redeployment took place during sunrise over Australia’s Gold Coast and by then reviewing the mission highlights tape, visual evidence was acquired that supported the bright sunlight during the redeployment of Hubble. The mission records provided me with the validation that a single bright light source was present during the redeployment and the frames before and after this shot was taken both contained evidence of this craft. So it was down to logic, common sense and extensive research that all contributed towards this discovery. None of this would have been possible without the identification of the critical detail seen on frame 69. It was asserted that the details of the ‘squiggles’ on frame 69 were part of the fabricated bodywork that is seen on the hull of the craft in frame 73. This twinning of this same feature on frames 69 and 73 then became the anchor point to which all the other facts about the mission were then applied.

These factors supported the logical conclusion that I had made independently with my knowledge behind a camera. I had realised that this darker area which appeared was being caused by a lack of light hitting that particular area, The contrast struck me and I realised there was only two objects that could be preventing the light from hitting that surface. Then I realised that this area was the profile of the HST that I had been looking at the entire time. Both the rounded barrel and 45 degree angle solar arrays profile seen clearly cast onto the hull of this object. That is when I realised this was indeed a solid physical object for the second time- reinforcing the evidence of the

matching detail that moved dramatically in size, angle and location between frames 69…/STS103/STS103-734-69_3.JPG and 73.

These two supporting pieces of evidence brought me to correctly identify the presence of this solid craft in orbit in these ten redeployment images. I published these findings in 2014.


In 2018, I embarked on ‘Project Wheelbarrow’- it was a task I set for myself to try and build upon and advance my 2012 research findings on these STS103 mission images.

The idea hit me to attempt a photofit reconstruction in an effort to build up a better idea of the profile of this craft. By taking the available data in these images I then went on to see if it was possible to attempt reconstructing the details in these mission images.

I performed a partial overlap with frame 59…/STS103/STS103-734-59_3.JPG and frame 69, using the curvature of the craft in frame 69…/STS103/STS103-734-69_3.JPG and then sized it to meet with the reflected light from the edge of the hull of the craft in frame 59. In doing so- and despite this experiment was conducted to attempt a build a better profile up of this craft- I was still not prepared for the result of this exercise. After sizing these two frames into position, I was stunned to see that I had just managed to discover the same details that I first discovered six years prior on the opposite side of the craft. I had succeeded in my attempt to reconstruct this craft and had now just identified the matching opposite symmetrical details on the opposite side of this craft. I didn’t know it at the time but I had just identified the headlights on the craft but it would be another three years before I finally realised that these were indeed the headlights that I had discovered by performing this partial overlap of frames 59 and 69.


In 2021 I returned to review these NASA images once again and rapidly began to expand on my earlier research.

Extensive study of the details on the unidentified crafts hull led me to conduct an experiment which was based on my theory that the lights in mission frames 66,67,68…/STS103/STS103-734-66_3.JPG

were coming out of the double recessed barrels on the area around the spotlight of the craft as seen in frames 73/74.

This theory was proved to be 100% accurate and after overlapping these frames , a perfect match was obtained. Now I was able to track the exact movement and placement of this craft throughout all ten redeployment images. Having now found even further evidence to back up my 2012 and 2018 findings, I had proven all over again that I had exposed this crafts presence and validated it was a solid object in orbit and not a reflection.

Extending on my earlier research, I now began to make my way backwards and revisited other mission images taken around 90 minutes earlier that night.

STS103-734-49 to 59

Was another chunk of ten further images that would provide much more evidence than I had already presented. Having now clearly demonstrated in 2012 that something was in orbit, this further sequence of ten photos all taken in succession would go way beyond my earlier discoveries.

Knowing there was a presence in orbit helped but the evidence in these images speak for themselves. Starting with frames 49-52, its became clear from these mission images that the orbiter was approached by one of these craft. As it approaches Discovery, it activates its spotlight and flashes the crew. The spotlight remains activated in this sequence of frames while astronaut Claude Nicollier’s focus remains trained on this craft throughout the 2 minutes it shines its spotlight on Hubble and Discovery.

I am aware of the sunrise and sunset times associated with this mission and out-ruled the sun as the object present in these images. Its sitting directly behind Hubble.

This dazzling bright light is emanating from the spotlight on the front of the craft which can be physically viewed on frames 59 activated seen at the front of the craft in frames 73/74. and the spotlight housing is seen in frames 73,74.

Furthermore- the specific feature of a spotlight was repeatedly observed and reported in worldwide UFO reports made during December 1999 and also heavily associated with the black triangle UFO reports. It should also be noted that the craft seen in the redeployment sequence was identified as having headlights- a feature noted by eyewitnesses on both sides of the Atlantic just 55 minutes apart during December 2nd 1999.

Another important point to make is that both the spotlight and headlights were features observed by the Illinois police officer, Ed Barton on January 5th 2000.

The next three frames 54,55,56, show multiple craft in orbit with Discovery. They display the same lighting as the craft in the redeployment sequence-66,67,68 and have a yellowish hue.

In June 2021, I had the idea to perform an overlap of these yellow lights on frame 68 on top of the spotlight housing on frame 73 as I was suspicious that the double recessed holes were the origin point for these three pronged/beams of yellow light. Convinced that the arrangement of this feature would create two genuine light beams- the angled edge would then create a third residual beam of light which was being created by this dividing angled feature. After realising that this hypostasis was valid, I then performed the overlap and discovered that my assessment and theory was 100% accurate. I had now identified that these beams were coming from these features on the spotlight housing and correctly identified the source of the approaching yellow lights on frames 66,67 and 68. Now not only had I correctly identified the source of these yellow lights in frames 66,67 and 68 but I had in addition now gained information which now allowed me to determine the exact position of this craft throughout all ten of the redeployment images from frame 66 to frame 76.

Another thing happened while performing this overlap and I was not prepared for it.

While performing this overlap, as I slid the two images together and slotted these yellow lights into their positions around the spotlight housing, something unexpected occurred. It triggered a violent flashback to my December 4th encounter and afterwards, much more clarity was gained over my observations and experiences. This fresh recall then assisted in helping to understand not just what was going on in the STS103 mission images but helped me solve events that went on to take place in Illinois eleven days later.

So now reviewing frames 53,54 and 55 , I was able to determine that the three sets of yellow lights seen outside Discovery in these mission images were in all actuality three separate space craft in orbit with Discovery. After theorising that they were in the process of docking, NASA STS103 frame 734-55 was then subjected to being professional rendered and sharpened up.

The result was that a massive structure was exposed- a giant cube with multiple slots located around it, including larger corners slots.

This massive cube structure was also revealed in other frames 58 and 59.

It should be also noted that a massive cube structure is also seen in the STS125 mission images, during Hubble’s final servicing. No coincidence as I later learned in May 2022. (Frame 55 was rendered after frame STS103-734-58)

STS103-734-57 shows two structured craft at either side of Discovery. Internal lighting can be observed at the bottom right of the frame. Further evidence of the craft seen bottom right of the image is also observed through the upper solar array meshing and between the barrel and upper solar array. This shows a window and an internal support strut.

To the bottom left a framed backlit area can be seen. An entity is present looking out this window.

The evidence of the windows to the right in frame 57 clearly shows that a large structured object was docked beside Hubble, while the craft at the bottom left with the entity at the window provided supporting evidence for what is found in frames 58 and 59. It should also be noted that evidence of this craft being docked alongside Discovery can also be found on frames 25 and ….

The entity at the bottom left of frame 57 shows that NASA simply could never be somehow unaware of events surrounding them in orbit. But more evidence would surface explaining why the Discovery crew were so relaxed while undertaking this ‘repair mission’ which now paints NASA in a very dark light.


After determining that frame 57 contains evidence of not one but two craft docked beside Discovery, frame 58 was now easier to translate. At the bottom right of Canadarm, light can be seen exiting two thin vertical windows with arches. There are multiple window arches seen – though the light is obstructed from exiting from these windows. I then concluded that the light was prevented from escaping out these windows because that light was being obstructed – closer examination of the first obscured arch show the silhouette of a bipedal figure among a group of others which are huddled at these windows as they slowly make their departure.

It should also be noted that these windows are also present in frame 21. Taken 6hrs prior. This craft has been docked alongside Discovery during that entire time.

To the right of the frame, a bluish object can be observed. It is the craft which was signalled Discovery in frames 49-53 before evidence of it pulling up alongside is seen in frame 57 bottom left with the bluish skin toned entity. It is now departing and beginning to weave lasers around its hull.

The craft on the right of the frame fitted the description of Melvern Nolls eyewitness description of a two storey house with a little Penthouse on top and upon realising this was a solid spacecraft, I realised that the two figures seen at the top of the frame logically had to be inside the same craft- only in a higher up observation deck and then suddenly Mervern Noll’s description hit me. I correctly concluded that these were two entities in a higher up observation deck, looking down on the orbiter. I was able to later determine that this craft was only two feet away from Hubble in frames 58 and 59. This showed that NASA were well aware of the ongoing activity outside the orbiter. There is simply no way, they could not know.

After determining that these were two physical spacecraft in this image these were entities looking out, I notified leading Scottish paranormal researchers Ron Halliday and Malcolm Robinson of my intention to have frame 58 rendered to see these details in better clarity. Both Ron and Malcolm contributed towards my 2014 publication of Corroborating Evidence.

Also convinced that the lights in the background mid frame below seen just below Hubble’s lens.

were part of a bigger object, I had that area checked out too. The result was that the cube structure I mentioned that was exposed in frame 55 was now revealed for the first time. (I only exposed it on frame 55 after getting frame 58 done first)

I then had the frame 58 independently rendered by another second independent freelancer and both results were a match to one another. The entity’s true form had now been rendered as it appears in these images. Independently both results confirmed the other. The later confirmation of the presence of the cube on frames 54/55/56 was also further verified later on frame STS103-734-59.

Bringing the total to five mission images where this monstrous ‘Momacube’ has now been exposed. A cute name for such an imposing structure.


This image was also later rendered in December 2021 and the results confirmed my theory their operational abilities. I had frame 59 rendered for two reasons. Firstly, I knew everyone would want to see the entity I named ‘Adam’ revealed again because the opportunity allowed it, the second reason was to satisfy my own curuosity about the cube being revealed once again. So I had frame 59 also done at further costly expense. Only when I received the rendered copy did I realise that the support bar for Hubbles upper solar array is seen reflected on the glass of their craft. This simple reflection proved it is a physical craft. Then I checked the original NASA frame and its also present on the public NASA image.

This reflection of the support bar for the HST solar array is the one piece of evidence I am happy to hang all my STS103 research on. The craft which was seen to the right in frame 58 is also now revealed and bluish white light is seen in the trench feature of this craft. The features of the craft in frame 58-after rendering also provided me with another clue which I followed up on. I took this detail from frame 58 and then overlaid it with the craft on frame 73 after I identified the trench from the two main laser tracks and performed the overlay. Now I had just confirmed my documented 2012 theory about the process that this craft employs and validated my suspicions that these trenches were guidance systems for these lasers to run around. This confirmation that I had been correct in my initial assessment in 2012 was the first major step towards going on to understand this craft in superhuman terms.

Further evidence was obtained through intensive study of these events and the extensive knowledge I had learned over the last twenty-two years. And of course, my own personal observations also played a huge part in going on to reverse engineer the design of the craft. In 2021 the term form and function became key to understanding this alien spacecraft.

The blue white oval in the background was identified as the spotlight which is seen activated on this particular craft in frame 59.

Details on this object were matched with frame 69 in 2018 under Project Wheelbarrow’ and the front profile of this craft was then identified when the matching headlight was found when overlapping frames 59 and 69.

I also correctly identified the following

The nodules on the back of the spotlight hub were the source of the lasers and the notches cut out the outer spotlight housing was deliberate to allow these lasers to pass them and fire into these trenches. I concluded that the hull was also crafted to allow light to travel around it.

This was confirmed when got the results of frame frame 59.

I also correctly identified the etching on the craft act as tributaries for this laser light to travel around the hull of the craft.

This is what was revealed and exposed on frame 58 and also on frame 59.

Further evidence of this process was documented by Illinois police offer Ed Barton and documentary maker Darryl Barker.

There is no way the STS103 crew were unaware of this activity by examining these official mission records.

Frames 66,67,68 show the craft on approach the yellow lights now have been identified and sourced to perimeter lighting hubs spread around the spotlight in frames 73/74. But there is more going on in these mission frames and it was not until May 4th 2022 that the features on these three images were finally identified. I will return to discuss this again later. As it turns out, the details captured in these frames – once identified would force a whole new line of thinking when it came to physically understanding exactly what was taking place between these aliens and the STS103 crew. This new line of thiking would then take me away from what was going on in orbit during 1999 and take me much further back in time only to make the most startling conclusion I have ever reached thusfar.


frame 69. contains the structured craft which remains 99% unseen- once revealed containing Hubble’s shadow on the hull of the craft. Details were identified IN 2012 as the left side headlight of the craft as seen on frames 73/74.

After formally identifying that this was the front profile of the craft, I postulated that if this craft had pulled up to make a close up inspection of the HST , then it stood to reason that, I might -just might be able to see curious entities taking a peek out of their craft and in 2014, thought I had identified an entity looking out his canopy window. As it turned out , I was correct.

After further examination, an entity that was suspected to be peering out was identified during this close up manoeuvrer of this craft as it sat in front of Hubble for 36 seconds.

Projected lasers can be seen in this image.

In Frame STS103-734-70…/STS103/STS103-734-70_3.JPG

Once again, lasers can be seen projected in frame 70 as the craft now pulls off. The shadow profile of the HST can be seen on the edited copy of frame 70 as well as on frame 69. During 2021, I realised that the reason the lasers stop mid frame is because this is their point of origin and then I realised that these lasers were being emitted from the spotlight hub at the front of the craft.


The craft has moved some distance now seen top right of the frame. Lasers can be seen in this image also.…/STS103/STS103-734-71_3.JPG

STS103-734-72 The spacecraft is now on approach toward Hubble and the left hand side trench can be seen on the craft.…/STS103/STS103-734-72_3.JPG


Is the frame that I first learned about in 2010, leading me to return to investigate matters two years later in 2012. A partial double image of the craft can be seen projected next to it. NASA are reported to have previously stated that this was a ‘reflection of the interior if the shuttle’ and in 2012, I set about the task of determining if this was indeed true or false. Turns out it was a lie. I also spoke with the Hubble public relations manager, Mathias Jaeger in 2018, he to me lied as well. The ESA provided nothing but Extremely Silly Answers.

After obtaining an image of the upper flight deck , nowhere were these details to be found. A further two entities were also discovered peeing through windows of this craft as it is seen flying past Discovery. More evidence of lasers is also found in frame 73.


The craft continues its approach towards Discovery with the partial double image also visible.


In frame 75, the craft is now positioned at the bottom left of the image. Although this and frame 76 do not possess many details, what can be seen , identified and understood is the trench feature and rounded corner of the craft. This further evidence of the trenches running the entire length of the craft assisted in going on to determine the overall design application of these features and in turn then provided me with enough evidence to begin ‘reverse engineering’ the design of this craft, the incorporated design of the trenches and the need for the ‘squiggles on the bodywork to be fashioned in the way you see in frames 59/73/74.


The last image containing evidence of this craft. Now located at the very bottom of frame 76, further details of the trench can be seen. More importantly, multiple balls of various coloured light can be seen.…/STS103/STS103-734-76_3.JPG These are plasma bubbles seen in various stages of decay and provided me with even further evidence which assisted in determining that this craft was just one of many witnessed across the world during December 1999. The craft I observed and documented were capable of creating light trails- plasma trails and this in turn helped me in my overall understanding of this alien spacecraft.

Conclusions reached

After many nights, months and years examining these NASA mission records, I slowly but surely came to understand that this alien activity on STS103 was not just a random event but pointed towards a secret clandestine rendezvous taking place in orbit. There was no way that astronaut Claude Nicollier could have somehow been unaware of the the craft shining its spotlight on Hubble and Discovery while he had the camera trained upon it during frames 48,49,50,51,52.53.…/STS103/STS103-734-48_3.JPG

There is no way the STS103 crew didn’t happen to see the massive cube mother-ship in orbit with them or the multiple spacecraft seen in frames 53,54 and 55, 58 or 59. It became apparent that there appeared to be cooperation between both NASA and these alien entities during this particular mission and from the demeanour of the crew, they were completely unfazed by all this alien activity taking place around them. They carried out their assigned tasks without any visible signs of distress, panic alarm or fear. Clearly this was not NASAs first encounter with aliens in orbit. This was later established when I made the May 4th 2022 discoveries on frames 66,67 and 68.

December 2021

On December 29th 2021, the identification of the nodules and their function was made. These are located on the spotlight hub as seen on frames 73/74.

This was the moment that I finally realised that my 2012 conclusion about this crafts abilities was valid after ten years. These nodules are the exit points for the lasers that are hen aimed are fired up the trenches of the craft. This now assisted me in learning the process this craft employs and helped me to go on and make a final overall assessment of this crafts abilities.

January 4th 2022

This is when I performed the overlap of the weaving lasers on frame 58 with the trenches on frame 73 in order to try and determine the orientation of the craft in frame 58. Not only did I manage to get the orintation correct but in addition, I had just managed to confirm that my 2012 conclusions about this craft were indeed 100% accurate. I NOW HAD EVIDENCE WHICH CONFIRMED MY 2012 THEORY.

Twenty four hours later, I would then have this discovery confirmed on the 5th January 2022, I received frame 59 back from the freelancer I commissioned to undertake the rendering of. when I got it back, the rendering revealed the craft performing the exact same process that I had figured out independently. And now I had confirmation of my discovery, reached by another method than the one I applied. The massive ‘Momacube’ was also exposed exactly where I suspected it would be found. More importantly, the entity I named ‘Adam’ can be seen once again with his features now all cleaned up but what was even more important was that the reflection of the HST solar array support bar can be identified. Upon seeing this, I then immediately checked on the NASA server hosting this image. There on the NASA.GOV page hosting this image, lies the reflection of this support bar on the public NASA server. I had just discovered the ultimate proof that this craft is indeed present in this official NASA image. But this knowledge if the reflection of Hubble’s support bar for the solar array would then provide me with knowledge that made me feel sick to my stomach. This is where things took an unexpected turn and literally knocked me off my feet.

Knowing that there was evidence of Adams spacecraft being docked alongside Discovery going all the way back to frame 25 showed that this craft was docked for hours and knowing that the crew of STS103 were cool, calm and collected during this time painted a much bigger picture of these events. But what I learned on May 4th 2022 now paints NASA in an extremely bad light. Considering that the STS103 crew were all extremely relaxed regardless of all this alien activity, it now demonstrates that the crew could not have cared less about these visiting aliens during this mission.

After I had concluded that this mission was not NASA’s first encounter with aliens in orbit, I returned to examine frames 66,67 and 68 again. Having already identified the shadow of Hubble on the hull of the craft in frames 69/70 and identifying the shadow of Canadarm on the hull of the craft in frame 73, my knowledge of shadows came back into play once again WHEN REVIEWING FRAMES 66,67 AND 68 ON May 4th 2022.

At the bottom of these three images, black stripes can be seen at the bottom of these three mission frames. Very quickly (after ten years) I realised that these black stripes were being created by light passing through the lower solar array meshing and creating a shadow profile onto a solid physical surface area. Suddenly it hit me. My eyes lifted and I looked at the area next to the upper solar array There, just like the shadows of the solar array at the bottom of these frames there is a partial double image of the support bar of the HST. The penny finally dropped and the conclusion struck me like lightning striking. The craft which is seen in frames 25,57,58 and 59 is still docked right next to Discovery during the actual redeployment operation was taking place. I was shocked to discover this news. Now an even bigger picture was rapidly forming. It now explained that there had to be a high level of cooperation taking place between both the aliens and NASA. This level of trust shows that close cooperation between both parties was taking place and cooperation inferred that communication was also taking place. It was now blatantly obvious that a cosy relationship had already been established prior to this mission taking place. I had now just discovered that NASA not only know that aliens exist but have been working in conjunction with them going back to 23 years ago. This revelation in turn brought about a new line of thinking and I then went to look for evidence of alien activity on other STS missions. The National Archives provided me with exactly that. A review of the previous 1993 STS31 mission provided me with what I now half expected to see and discover.

I obtained the Hubble redeployment images from STS31 and was only half shocked to discover that the exact same shadow profile of the meshing from the solar array can also be seen on the STS31 mission images. Evidence of a solid structured object docked alongside the Endeavour during Hubble’s redeployment was now discovered taking this relationship back a full six years. This was unsettling, unnerving and once again made me feel physically sick. Then I remembered the famous deployment image of Hubble during its launch into orbit on April 25th 1990. In 2012, I had noticed the striking similarity of both the STS103 mission images against this 1990 image but at the time had no idea that the light was being emitted from the spotlight located at the front of these craft. Now however, I knew better and comparing both the 1990 and 1999 images , it was a walk in the park identifying the bight light source on the 1990 image.

The realisation that these aliens were in orbit during Hubble’s deployment in 1990 now takes that working relationship back a total of 32 years. So when NASA director Bill Nelson was rolled out in June 2021 claiming ‘’we don’t know what it is’’ , I can now confidently inform you that he lied to the entire human race.

May 31st 2022

Currently the first UAP public hearings have now taken place with the ‘’we don’t know’’ tagline being added. Its all lies and if you think that the Pentagon is suddenly just going to admit that its been shafting humanity for at least the last 32 years-please think again. Luis Elizondo’s claims about what the Pentagon knows about UFOs is 100% inaccurate. And if you think NASA are about to inform the world that they have been conspiring against us for decades, please, like I say. Think again. NASA have been cosying up with aliens for at least 32 years at the complete exclusion of humanity. Bill Nelson is an established liar, the public UAP hearings are a complete sham and simply theatre for the masses.

NASA HAVE BEEN CONSPIRING AGAINST THE HUMAN RACE. Its now a matter of record and the evidence is there for all to see. You and every other soul on this planet is being subjected to an ongoing psy-op.

If you think your going to get disclosure anytime soon- think again.

James Welsh 31st May 2022.

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