Solved in June 2021-prior to the publication of the UAPTF Report

My name is James Welsh. I live in Glasgow Scotland. I am now fortynine years old. Once upon a time, i was a young man of 26, footloose , fancyfree and much much younger. That was in 1999. A year of continuisly building excitement as the year ebbed closer and closer towards its climax and the Millennuim grew that little bit closer with each passing day. A year of parties all leading up the the ultimate party when the clock struck midnight on December 31st. And I had absolutely no idea what I would be doing or where id be when time itself would expire and a new chapter would dawn on humanity. Then December arrived and everything changed. My life was about to take a dramatic turn and I had no warning that the next two decades of my life would be sacrificed for the benefit and advancement of the human race. On December 3rd 1999, I went out with family and friends to our favorite weekend haunt. The desination was Midland Street Glasgow and the Arches was where we spent that night celebrating my brothers birthday together. After returning home from the city center, we chilled out for a bit before I then escorted a friend home with my dog Lucky. It was not a long walk, only an eight to ten minutes away from where i lived. We stood chatting outside what was her home at the time as we were saying our goodnights when our conversation was rudely interupted by a flashing stationary white light which was sequencing rapidly changing red green and blue lights. Almost immedieaty, before a pin could drop, I had ran through the checklist in my head. It wasnt an aircraft, as it wasnt moving and it was completely silent so it wasnt a helicopter. It was however a technological craft, that much was realised instantly, the lights were a clear indication that this was a consructed object and in the 0.2 seconds it took to make this conclusion, i realised that I was looking at a genuine UFO, conceptulized designed built, and manufactored far away from Glasgow or anywhere else on planet earth. As we stood observing this craft, I then spoke to it in my mind and asked it to ”come closer” as there is a widespread belief that aliens are telepathic. Instead, it almost instantly ceased flashing these red,green and blue lights and glowed brighter for a brief moment before shooting up to its right at 45 degrees leaving a trail of white light behind it and then stopped dead. Grew brighter once again and then shot back down to its right- again at 45 degrees, once again leaving this trail of light behind it. Once again it stopped dead in its tracks, grew brighter once again and then shot across back to its original position. It had just made a perfect triangle but then all of a sudden repeated this process about five or six times but only this time, it didnt pause between its movements. This created continuing hoops of light created by the light trail behind it and just as suddenly, it pulled out of this spin and shot off in a massive rainbow like arc as it shot across the sky with this long streaking bluish white light trail following in tandem behind it.

Plasma trail

So much for being telepathic I thought to myself. My friend was unsettled by the event and wasnt too pleased with this unearthly observation we had just both witnessed. I was over the moon and now in a hurry to get home and inform my brother and when I turned into my street, i was not expecting to see another of these objects at the far end of the street. This was unexpected and amazing. I later measured the distance and it was about 700ft away from where I was standing. It was extremely low in the sky, no more than 100ft high and just like the first crsft, this one was also flashing lights but this one had yellow and purple added to its color palette, and was like a silent floating disco for a moment or two. It then directly in front of me ceased the flashing lights and a big bright light now shone from this object. Then the light went out and I stood watching as I noted hoow it appeared to grow brighter from the top downwards and the entire craft grew brighter and brigher and brighter and then imploded on itself. That same night, i experienced a sureal out of the body like dream and upon waking , instantly decided that I must urgently get myself to Egypt for the Millennium celebrations. That was December 4th 1999. Four weeks later, the events in Ilinois then took place and it would be years before I would go onto learn about those events. Between December 4th 1999 and January 5th 2000, I went on to have further sighting events on December 10th,11th,14th,15th and 25th. Clearly there were things going on in the skies around planet earth at that time. Later I would embark upon a personal project which would later become dubbed as ‘The UFO Investigation of the Millennium’ which was as accurate a description as I could have named it. Throughout the next decade, I collected as much relevent data as I could carry. Little did i know at the time that my investigations into my own sighting events would take me across the globe and eventually lead me to NASAs front doorstep. And it was here that I would find the answers relating to my own observations. And so much more. Over the course of a very long time , i would go onto learn that all of these events were connected and that I would become the key that unlocked the dirty little secret that NASA has hid from humanity for over thirty years. As it turned out, that elusive piece of corroborating evidence i had been seeking for twenty years was finally identified in June 2021. I am that final piece of the puzzle I had been searching for. My own repeat observations provided me with a wealth of intimate knowledge which became weaponised when reviewing UFO reports made around this specific time period. Time and time again, i would uncover more and more evidence that was piling up and twenty years of knowledge swirled in my head. And then in the summer of 2021 all of this information would pretend it was the Avengers and would just simple ‘assemble’. I personally dont know exactly how many landmark ufo cases have been solved but I do know that the Illinois case is now 100% resolved. And it would most likely remain unresolved if it was not for my own personal encounters or the research which followed as a direct result of these other worldly encounters.Throughout the years spent collecting and organising data, reports, descriptions, time windows, durations, locations etc many recurring themes started to be noted. UFO reports that referenced black triangles peaked my interest- even though i more ore concerned with hunting down reports of bluish white oval shaped craft. In 2021, I learned that the sightings of these craft and the black triangles were actually the same phenomenon. I had been revisting the STS103 mission photographic archives as back in 2012, i had exposed a solid physical spacecrft in orbit, complete with the shadow of the HST on its hull. Then in 2018, I advanced upon that discovery and went on to correctly identify features on this craft in another mission image. From this identification of this second matching feature, I was then able to determine that I had now identified the front profile of this craft. aND IN DOING SO, also verified that the bluish white oval craft seen on NASA frame STS103-734-59 was indeed a solid physical alien spacecraft, identical to my observations which also occured during December 1999 and even during the exact same day that thiis NASA mission photograph was taken. My repeat observations that month provided me with insider knowledge that became useful when applying my brain power towards trying to understand something regarded as ‘paranormal.’

In the end, it was ultimatly the research that i had carried out into the STS103 mssion , supported by my wealth of knowledge of the hundreds of UFO reports made during that time that led me to go on and solve the Illinois UFO case. But none of this would have been made possible if it was not for the quick thinking of Documentary maker, Darryl Barker who went on to seek out the eyewitnesses involved and got their testimony of the events that unfolded that cold January morning. Eyewitnesses Melvern Noll, Ed Barton, Craig Stephens and Matt Jany’s testimony would be the key to solving not just this mystery of what was seen in the skies over Illinois that morning but would in addition provide evidence that would assist in identifying what is seen in the STS103 Hubble redeployment images. It was while I was rewiewing NASA frame STS103-734-58 in June 2021 when it happened and everything suddenly it just all fell into place. When I identified the area at the bottom of frame 58 as a solid scructured craft , it was the two unobscured long vertical windows that have yellow light escaping them that drew my attention along the tops of these windows and it was then noted that there are multiple arches seen but the light is prevented from escaping them unlike the first two. Obviously there is something preventing that light from escaping these windows and then i realised that I could now pick out the silhouette of a head, shoulder and torso in the first blocked window. I realised that this is a bipedal entity standing at the edge of a crowd watching the build up to the release of the Hubble Space Telescope. Once this was understood, the realisation that this was interior lighting of a solid physical craft with entities standing observing these events play out, it was now understood that the two things at the top of the frame were also entities in the same spacecraft as the entities seen below them- and these two were obviously in the same craft – only in a higher up observation deck. Suddenly Melvern Noll’s description of a ”two story house with a little penthouse on top” entered my mind and I realised that in all likelyhood, i was looking at what Melvern observed just evelen days later in Illinois. And with that, i immedieatly informed my peers, Ron Halliday and Malcolm Robinson of this discovery and notified them of my intention to now seek out , hire and commission a freelancer to clean the image up in an attempt to see these two entities in greater detail. That was last June. Prior to the publication of the UAPTF Pentagon UAP Preliminary Assessment. Before that waste of paper was even published it was null and void. Two weeks prior to the publication of this farcical report, I recieved the copy of STS103-734-58 back from the freelancer. I then did what ever good scientist does and repeated the experiment undeer different conditions and hired a second freelancer and asked him to perform the same task. The second rendering cofirmed the result of the first result. The next three images are of the entity at the top of the observation deck of their craft in STS103-734-58. Firstly, the original, followed by both the professional renderings of this entity, I named ‘Adam’.

Adam -the alien entity seen at the top of the spacecraft in STS103-734-58

Later it dawned upon me that these two seperate results were indeed true representations of these entities. I had been drawing the exact same entities for a decade, well before the STS103 mission images were first uploaded in 2010. And twenty years prior to having frame 58 professionally cleaned up. I have photographs of my old house. I decorated my hall in Egyptian tomb styling, complete with the exact same entities-down up as an Egyptian phaoroh. I will upload and present them in this article.

So my own cartoon doodles i had been drawing for ‘fun’ all those years ago were accurate representations of these entities and they now confirmed what had been revealed in this NASA mission image. I came to realise that these drawings were my subconcious attempting to contact my concious self and before long, I was contemplating the time significance of the 04.45 recuring time factor, my intuition that something was going to occur at that time on December 11th 1999 was more than just intuition- it seemed to be subconcious preinformed knowledge of events, prior to the event actually occuring.

Suddenly I was faced with the realisation -after 21 years of understanding that 04.45 was very important –it was now finally hitting home exactly why I had held this belief all that time. I had three events at 04,45GMT and another at 16.45GMT. All within an 750ft circumfrance of my home.

The location of the craft on the three seperate dates-4th, 11th and 25th 1999- all at 04.45GMT.

The testimony of Melvern Noll provided the foundation that demonstrated that the craft seen on the STS103 mission images was connected to events in Illinois eleven days after these images were captured in orbit. This was my first connecting link that showed these two events were related to one another.

After Melvern had reported this craft to Highland Police Department, dispatch put out a call for officers to be on the lookout for this object. Officer Ed Barton was next to observe something that morning. His testimony would provide even further proof that my suspicions were valid. Back when i was researching material for Corroborating Evidence , I had noted that contained within the two hundred plus UFO reports I had collected was something extremely noteworthy. Two seperate events occured at the begining of December, one on the 1st – the other on the 2nd. The first of these two events occured in the UK at 03,00GMT with the second event occuring at 21.55 local time in Missouri. Now because I had went to the trouble of reconstructing all 200 plus reports into a linier GMT streaming timeline of events, this placed the Missouri report at 03,55GMT. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/16860/UFOReport1999.pdf


Here we have two seperate reports made on opposite sides of the Atlantic within a 55 minute timescale. Both reports contain references to ”car headlights”. Another report from December 6th from Guyra NSW Australia also mentioned an object which had its high beams on. Brian Renworth says he thought he was being followed by a ”trailer with its high beams on” for around quater of a mile before turning a bend in the road and then encountering what he described as ”an island in the middle of the road and on both sides” before everything turned red and he was then blinded by a laser that bounced off his mirror, forcing him to pull over and wait for his eyesight to recover again before he could continue driving again.

This description of ”high beams on” was also something I had noticed the significance of when I first came across this report but it was the description of the ”island” that gripped me when researching Corroborating Evidence as this matched the craft I later exposed on STS103-734-69 in August 2012. Realising the striking similarity beween Mr Renworths description matches the alien spacecraft i confirmed is in on NASA frame frame 69 23:03:46 GMT taken just ten seconds before STS103-734-73 (Time taken, 23:03:56) Its the same exact same type of craft also seen on STST103-734-59 and as also exposed after I had that arera examined by a photo expert I hired, who revealed the craft after I predicted it would be located -based on its position in frame 58 at the right side of the frame.

After this very area was rendered on frame STS103-734-58, the lasers were exposed and restored. It is absolutley no coincience that these exposed lasers happen to had a gap between the two main lines that exactly matches the trenches on this craft in frame STS103-734-73 and 74. This designeed for these trenches and the entire skin and fabrication bodywork of thse craft have been now explained and I understand the entire design concept behind the final design you see in these NASA images. Over a very long time , I slowly understood the form and function of the craft and the very first clue that led me to this level of ability to discuss this crafts features happened to also be the very first piece of evidence that I ever obtained on these NASA STS193 Hubble redeployment images in 2012.

This crutial piece of evidence was the area I first identified in August 2012 on STS103-734-69 that first led me to go on and examine this frame in greater detail, leading to first discovering the hidden crafts presence complete with Hubbles shadow cast onto its hull . By employing my knowledge as a photographer, I had determined that the contrast between colors was simply down to a lack of light reaching that surface area. after extensive rechecking with other official sources and confirming the orbiter was bathed in bright sunlight during the redeployment. Two independant NASA sources valideted that sunrise occured over Australia’s gold coast as the redeployment took place. The other big indication was simply that the craft is also seen in the before and after photos was the reason I determined it was there to begin with after first identifying this feature- which was only propery identified in 2021 as the left hand side headlight of this craft.

The left hand side headlight of the spacecraft seen on STS103-734-69

These ‘squiggles’ assisted in understanding the entire design of the craft by understanding that light is captured running across its hull. Centered, is the recessed headlight housing. This light is being generated by lasers that run over the skin of the craft. Pictired also running downward. In 2018, I returned to review the prevoius research undertaken on these images and I advanced upon my 2012 research when I got creative and decided that i would embark upon trying to reconstruct a better profile of the craft from the available details in these mission images. And it was a sucsess. In 2018, I went on to discover the matching headlight on NASA frame STS103-734-59. By performing a partial overlap of this with the details I exposed on frame 69, I achieved my aim and realised that I had now determined that the bluish white ufo in the background of NASA frame 58 is indeed a match to the structured craft in frame 73 as well as now identifying its matching feature, I now also had even further evidence backing up what is captured in STS103-734-69 as i revealed after extensive research and time in August 2012.

STS103-734-69 after editing , revealing the craft, complete withthe shadow of Hubble on its hull.
Above: Unaltered in any way. Downloaded directly from the National Archives- the craft is semi-visible in this image. The NASA.Gov one can be seen here : https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/DatabaseImages/ISD/highres/STS103/STS103-734-69_3.JPG
The shadow of Canadarm is cast onto this craft , next to the left headlight that was identified in 2012 on STS103-734-69. All the other available details seen on the hull of this alien craft have now been identified and their functions also now explained. See here. https://corroboratingevidence.wordpress.com/2022/05/19/move-over-bob-lazar/

After I determined that I had now not only identified the headlights, spotlight and use for the squiggled bodywork around the headlights as well as the curvature and layered edgings and smooth flowing river like light motion captured in these squiggles was the key to understanding the design function and need for these features. The trenches were the obvious feature and it was clear there was obviously a design need to incorperate these as they were crutial to the crafts abilities to perform as seen and captured and reported by eyewitnesses across the globe including the officers in Illinois that morning of January 5th 2000.

Officer Ed Barton stated that the triangular craft he observed had a bright light at the front of the craft, as reported by many others during the days and weeks beforehand. Once again, its no coincidence that his testimony of the two headlights becoming one big light matches the profile of the front of the craft in the STS103 misson images, with the headlights and spotlight seen on frame 73. Ed Bartons description accounted for both of these features seen on these NASA STS103 mission records.

After contacting documentary film maker Daryll Barker about these matters , he gave me permission to reproduce still images from his documentary on this event. I had now not only discovered aliens in orbit on official NASA records but from the level of understanding i had formed of them was assisted by my knowledge of the events in Illinois just eleven days after these images were taken in orbit.

It was Melvern Nolls descriprion of a little penthouse that bridged the initial connection between the Sts103 mission with events in Illinois but Ed Bartons description of the craft as it silently moved away and becoming a long oval white light was also critical to understanding how this craft operates.

It was the understanding that every piece of the hull was designed to work in tandem with itself and the trenches were key to its both its propulsion system and its ability to cloak.

The illustation of Ed Bartons reconstruction of the spotlight is also a perfect match to the STS103 images 48,49,50,51,52.

The plasma trails are created by the craft by firing lasers up the trenches.

It was Ed Bartons description of this triangular craft as it departed into the distance that assisted in going on to understand the design and functions of this craft at the end of 2021.

A reconstruction of this craft showed the whispy white oval UFO. Seen here:

From the evidence that was exposed on frame STS103-734-58, this blue light eventually not only revealed the position and orintation of the structured craft in this mission frame, but also provided a corroborating match to what Ed Barton also observed. This adds to the matching features linking both cases together. Now, this is where I finally started to get a real grip on how this craft worked. Daryll Barkers reconstruction of the craft Ed Barton observed also now assisted me in being able to understand the process involved and also explained the design of this craft.

During 2021, I had the idea to highlight all the available details on the crafts hull in frame STS13-734-74

Above: STS103-734-74 :(With lasers shown in operation)
This idea to highlight these details on the hull became an invaluable tool in going on to understanding the design and process involved and by upon understanding this process of whats going on , i was now able to explain in full, the final overall unified complete understanding of the final design of this craft.

By sheer hard work, intense deep thinking, the luck of the Irish and the evidence captured on frame 58 of these lasers, as well as the evidence from the Illinois case, a full working understanding of this craft now places me in a position to explain the Shanghai UFO photograph December 4th 1999 and the Hessdallen UFO footage from December 4th 1999 as well as scores of UFO reports made during December 1999.

The entire hull of the craft is made to accomodate the pulsed lasers which are fired up these trenches and then they traverse around its hull. They are multiplied and form a cocoon around the craft. The etchings and bodywork allows these lasers to cover the enrire hull , so light is constantly flowing over the craft. This scattered fluxuating light runs around the trenches as a track which are compressed and expanded as they traverse the trenches and trickle in and out of all the etchings on the bodywork. This build up of these pulsed lasers not only allow the craft the ability to cloak but the ionised gas thats built up around the superconducting hull is then ignited and burnt off, creating the plasma trails as seen on the Shanghai or Hessdalen examples. After 22 years, I could now explain the ”lighttrails” that I first documented in 2001 in my writen account. Plasma bubbles can be seen on STS103-734-76 in various stages of decay, further validating my findings.

What I found very interesting was that NASA frame 59 shows the blue light in the right trench with the craft in the background, whereas the second exposed craft in the rendered copy of frame 59 shows these lasers in the left trench.

So, I have not only discovered aliens in orbit but i have been able to present corroborating evidence that thse same aliens on these NASA images are the very same aliens NASA cant find any credible evidence of. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/faq-unidentified-aerial-phenomena-uapsufos/

Asides discovering aliens in orbit, I have been able to show multiple connecting events but none moreso imortant than my own individual sightings and of course the Illinois case. All of this evidence cascades and becomes the one.

The penthouse identified on frame 58

The headlights and spotlight identified on frame 73.

The matching laser cocoon on STS103-734-58.

It is without any doubt, the crafts captured in the Hubble redeployment images is a 100% match to what was not only observed by myself throughout December 1999 but is also interwoven with events in Illinois on January 5th 2000. The Illinois case is now solved.

It was those pesky aliens after all!

JW June 02nd 2022.

Now you know this man lies to humanity.
Now you know this man lies to humanity.

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