Yes its a shocking title but its the cold hard truth of the matter. NASA/ESA and SETI are screwing over humanity to further their own private agenda. I for one am far from happy to learn that the fate of humanity and planet earth is in the hands of a bunch of people who specialise in warfare, military domination and the subjugation of the entire human race. They are the people with the weapons of mass destruction and recently they have been employing the latest version of an older tool in their box. Weapons of Mass Distraction. The leaked UAP footage all fell into the hands of someone who previously knowingly put out false and misleading information while ”trying to get to the truth”. Bob Lasar claims UFOs are powered by element 115 but thats simply not true. The aliens use something a lot more straightforward. Ive debunked his claims single handedly. The aliens dont make things incredibly difficult for themselves, they are not stupid. Someone at NASA photo processing unit was in 2010 however. When the STS103 mission images were released in 2010, the internet wasnt slow to republish what NASA made available to the public that year. In May, I learned about frames STS103-734-58 and 59 and in October frame 73.

Two years later, I gained access to the entire mision role , 734 and began downloading and reviewing these mission images. I earmarked ten images taken during Hubbles redeployment and began to examine them in great detail. I had set out to determine if the object seen in frame 73 was a ‘reflection’ as had been claimed or if it was indeed a solid physical craft in orbit. After identifying an area on frame 69 that matched details on the objects surface in frame 73, I enhanced this area-only to enhance the entire frame in the process. The result was that the object which is connected to this feature was now revealed in the edited copy. After applying my knowledge as a photographer, I came to correctly conclude that the dark area on this object was being caused by a lack of light hitting that surface area. Then I ran through the list of possible objects preventing the light from reaching that area and it hit me. I was staring and had been staring at the shadow profile of the HST. Next I checked the mission logs and learned sunrise was occuring over Australias Gold Coast at the time of Hubbles redeployment. This confirmed the source of the lighting and explained the shadow of Hubble on the hull of this craft That was ten years ago. Then four years ago in 2018, I returned to review my earlier research into STS103 and I got the idea to use all of the independant data in the mission images and try build up a better profile of this object. By taking the edited copy of STS103-734-69 edge and using the curvature as my guide, I overlapped it with frame 59 and used the reflected light on the crafts edge as my termination point and scaled both images together so the termination point of the lighted hull on frame 59 and the curvature matched up.

Details of the craft from , frame 59 and 69 and the partial overlap of both seen here:

The same details that I first identified in 2012 were now also now identified- only this time it was its mirrored opposite. I realised that I had now built up a better picture profile the front of this craft. Then last summer, I formally identified these features as headlights and had sufficiant independant evidence backing this up. First was the Missouri UFO report on December 1st, then the UK report from the UK, just 55 minutes later and both reports were of triangular craft complete with ‘car headlights.’ The Brian Renworth encounter on December 6th provided more evidence when he was followed by an object with its high beams just on prior to encountering ”an island in the middle of the road and on both sides. ” Then on top of this there is Ed Bartons description of the craft he encountered in Highland Illinios on January 5th 2000. All refered to headlights and it was thanks to Ed Barton that I was now able to formally identify these features as headlights. And it was all down to his testimony. He stated that these lights were like lights seen on a farm before they became ”the one big light.” And it didnt take a genius to work out that the one big light was the spotlight seen at the front of this craft seen in the STS103 mission images. Shown below.

Next, I went on to establish what the features around the spotlight were starting with the double recessed barrels spread across the perimeter of this spotlight. After postulating their function, either thrusters or lights, I figured it out with a little help of some mental visualisation. It became apparent while studying these features that these recessed circular areas-if they were lighting, would create a third residual beam of light from the first two projected beams of light. This was then put to the acid test and I performed an overlap of both frames 68 and 73. The result was a 100% perfect match and fitted hand in glove. I had now just explained Ed Bartons description of ”japanese rising sun battleflag ” rays of light around the spotlight by identifying the function of these features on the spotlight housing at the fromnt of the cradt in frame NASA frame 73. After concluding that light can be seen traveling around the hull of the craft and is captured and highlighted in the squiggles above and below the headlights in frame 69, I soon began to understand the reason why the squiggles are shaped this way. They wereesigned to facilitate the path of this lightat it traveled around the hull of the craft. This was reinforced by the design incorperation of these trenches which were integral to the overall design function of this craft. These trenches serve as guidance tracks for these lasers. Evidence of these lasers can be seen in frames 69,70,71,72,73,74. As far back as 2012, I had concluded that this craft was cloaking its presence by use of these projected lasers around it, forming a geometrical cloak in which it could hide unseen. This was all confirmed in 2021 and into 2022 as I continued to study this crafts features. It eventually became clear to me that my 2012 theory was indeed correct by a series of incredible discoveries, hard work and dedication to this subject after over two decades investigating the events surrounding the millennium and alien visitation to planet earth. As far back as December 15th 1999, there is documented evidence of my attempts to report these observations in the Ministry of Defence 1999 UFO PDF.

Made on December 15th 1999, before Discovery was even rolled out prior to launch four days later. So noone can say that I wasnt already taking these matters extremely seriously , a decade prior to the STS103 images being uploaded, I was drawing oval UFOs complete with the ghaze that surrounded them. Like a candle flame. Wispy, moving, pulsing. Then I started doodling aliens and thought it was a bit of light relief from the underlining seriousness of it all. But in 2021, my drawings of these entities took a dramatic turn when I went on to identify entities on STS103-734-58 in June 2021. Just so you know, the STS103 images were uploaded by NASA in 2010. I had frame 58 cleaned up in 2021. So i was drawing these aliens a decade prior to the release of these mission frames and two decades before having STS103-734-58 rendered by a professional image expert that I hired to clean it up. It was a shock to the system and a massive personal blow to discover I had been depicting these entities with incredible accuracy. This revelation , as personally disturbing as it was , now fully explained the time significance, locations and advanced awareness that something was going to occur at 04.45GMT on December 11th – And it all occured – INSTANTLY. Like dominos falling. This realisation that the 04.45 time connection did indeed have special significance also explained the missing time experienced that morning. Here are the three locations of events on December 4th 11th and 25th December 1999.

The Welsh Traingle- all at 04.45GMT

Working on these mission images in June 2021, I suffered a violent flashback while lining up frames STS103-734-73 and STS103-734-68 to test my theory on the source of the yellow beams of light in frames 66,67,68. When they both slotted into position, snap- I was back in the freezing cold that morning of my initial encounters standing before an identical craft. After this, my recollection returned with more clarity and I now had fresh recall of events as they played out that morning in Glasgow. On June 10th 2021, I also finally identified Canadarms shadow on the hull of the craft in frame 73, prior to solving the purpose of the recessed double barrels around the spotlight on the craft. The yellow lights seen in frames 54,55,56 59,,66,67 and 68 could now all be attributed to these features around the spotlight and provided even further evidence that these are the same type of craft as the one depicted in frame 73 also in these further seven mission photographs. So, I was able to establish that because the yellow lights came from these double barrels, that these lights were connected to the solid physical craft seen in frame 73. And that could only mean that the three other sets of double yellow lights in frames 54,55,56 were also identical. This is hard evidence of multiple craft in orbit and I began to realise that this was no quick flyby during the redeployment. Further developments then happened while reviewing frame 58 and after identifying the features at the bottom of the frame as windows with internal lighting being prevented from escaping all but two, i realised the light was prevented from escaping as this was a gathered crowd looking out. It was at this point that Scotlands top paranornal researchers were contacted to inform them, i had now identified that this was also a structured object beside Discovery and Hubble, complete with two entities at the top of the frame- meaning they were both in a higher up observation deck. And this is what led me to get frame 58 cleaned up, leading to the discovery of ‘Adam’ two weeks prior to the publication of the UAP report. My suspicion that there was something larger in the image was correct and the rendering revealed a massive cube shaped structure in orbit alongside these smaller craft with the yellow lighting. The area on the right of tgis mission frame was also enhanced , revealing the true details of what is occuring.

It was this piece of evidence that assisted in understanding the overall deign application of the final fashioning of this crafts entire outer hull. Ed Bartons description, along with photographic and video evidence from Shanghai and Norway would provide even further evidence of what is being seen in the rendered copy of frame STS103-734-58.

It was frame 55 that I had rendered next and I commissioned another freelancer to clean up this NASA frame. The ‘momacube’ was revealed once again , confirming what was disvovered on frame 58. Now I knew, based on these images, that it will also be exposed on frames 54,56 and also in 59- and later had frame 59 rendered over December2021, obtaining the result on Jan 5th 2022. The cube was indeed revealed in frame 59 as I suspected but the craft seen in frame 58, was now also revealed and showed the lasers in these trenches. The best part was that the entity ‘Adam’ is seen with the reflection of the support bar of the HST on the window of his craft. So I checked he NASA image and its also there to see on the public .GOV server. This knowledge that the support is seen reflected on frame STS103-734-59 came in handy in May 2022. While reviewing frames STS103-734-66,67 and 68, I suddenly realised the cause of the black stripes at the bottom of these images. I realised this was the shadow of the meshing of the HST solar array seen falling onto a solid surface. Now the double image of Canadarm seen reflected in these images was identified as exactly that. A reflection. Now turning my attention to the top of the frame, the double image of the support bar made so much more sense. It creeped up on me at first but then it hit me. The realisation that this craft was still docked beside Discovery during Hubble’s redeployment was a shock but even further evidence would surface supporting this fact. In 2012, the edited copy of STS103-734-69 that I recieved from Kai Stoffers provided me with details that went unnoticed until I went back now, knowing that this craft was still docked during this critical time period of the mission. This 2012 evidence shows the same area which is captured at the bottom of frame STS103-734-58. The shading in the edited copy of frame STS103-734-69 is identical to the crowd gathered in frame STS103-734-58 and in addition , also shows the area responsible for casting the light onto the solar array in frames STS103-734-66,.67 and 68. This edged window floor panel is the source of the light casting the solar array membrane in these three frames and can also be seen in STS103-734-66,67 and 68.

Learning that this craft was still docked beside Discovery during the physical redeployment itself, highlighted the amount of trust placed between NASA and these entities to allow for this to occur. Clearly this was a well established relationship.

Now fully understanding that this was not NASA’s first rendevous in orbit with aliens, it was now logical to go looking through the previous missions for tell tale signs. I suspected that I would find evidence of a similar scenario taking place in orbit on the STS61 redeployment images and went looking. And i found exactly what I suspected to find.

Once again , the shadow of the solar array is being cast onto a surface area. Something is docked beside Endevour during Hubble’s redeployment in 1993. The light source casting light through the solar panel can be seen once again behind the lower solar panel in the exact same place I found it on the STS103 mission. So something identical to the craft which was docked beside Discovery six years later in December 1999 was also present during STS61.
This takes NASAs working relationship with aliens back a full six years. Now I had my suspicion confirmed and , this evidence from STS61 now provided even further damning evidence of a genuine conspiracy that NASA are cosying up with aliens while in orbit as far back as 1993. A full twenty nine years ago. After discovering this , the famous STS31 deployment image of Hubble during its launch on April 25th 1990 jumped directly into my head.

The EXACT same feature seen here also captured on STS61, six years beforehand. This is the light source casting the meshing of the solar array onto a solid physical surface.
STS61- evidence of the solar arrays shadow being cast onto a surface area- just like in the STS103 redeployment images.
Now lets look at the redeployment frames, STS103-734-66,67 and 68 from STS103 in December 1999…

The same feature , located in the same position can be seen behind the solar panel. In June 2021, I identified it after stumbling acoss it on my 2012, edit of STS103-734-69 seen here…

April 25th 1990

Back in 2012, I had noted the striking similarity between the STS103 mission images, with the 1990 IMAX image of Hubble being deployed into orbit. The powerful light source in the STS103 mission images were identical to the 1990 photo from STS31. At the time, it was noted that they were identical but i had no idea that the light source STS103 mission images was being created by the spotlight at the front of the craft ,seen in STS103-734-73. It was not until 2021 that I formally identified the spotlight and realised that was what this was located at the front of the craft. I have scores of reports of UFOs with a big spotlight at the front, seen across the globe during December 1999. All I could do in 2012 was note the striking similarity beween both images, taken nine years apart. But in 2021 after going on to identify all the features on this crafts on frame STS103-734-73, I had now established beyond reason that this was indeed an alien spacecraft. (Two entities faces can be seen peering out of small windows as they flew past Discovery)

Hello awien- seen peering out of a window in STS103-734-73.

After spending so much time working on these mission images for the last decade, I became good at catching little details. This object is NOT the sun. It it was-all life on earth would have cooked instantly as this object is in NEO- Near Earth Orbit, approximitly 323 miles above the surface of the planet. This is the exact same spotlight seen in the STS103 mission images, which is connected to the alien craft that I correctly identified after a decade studying the STS103 mission. Now I have established that NASA have been working in coordination with aliens in orbit going back thirty two years. So when NASA director Bill Nelson states ”we dont know what it is” , now you know the space agency, once helmed by a former Nazi, is no different today than it was when it was directed by a man guily of mass murder. NASA, ESA SETI, the Pentagon- all lie. And now you know.

Humanity is being held back by humanity. Meanwhile, seasoned jounalists are tucking into a buffet of disinformation and loving every second of the Weapons of Mass Distraction provided by agent Elizondo and Agent Corbell who are doing a fine job in steering the conversation away from the real McCoy. Humanity is being mislead and ‘seasoned journalists’ are falling for the psy-op to convince the public that the Pentagon dont have the answers.

Its a sad day for journalism when a close range experiencer outshines the best of what humanity has to offer.

I digress- but its killing me slowly.

If only people would stop for just one second and think. I cannot stress it enough. You and humanity along with you, are being fed a pack of lies.

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