Weapons of Mass Distraction


Tik taks, commercial 737 aircraft, Batman balloons and nocternal nonsense. All tools used to fool you and the rest of Humanity that the Pentagon has not got the foggiest idea what UAPs are or who controls them. Luis Elizondo inaccurately stating by 100% that the Pentagon does not know what these are. Jeremy Corbell talking about flying pyramids and element 115 , Bob Lazar claiming he allegedly worked at S4, allegedly back engineering alien technology with nothing to back up his claims other than extremely tall stories. A news hungry media that incessantly went on about hacker Gary McKinnon who found nothing, presented nothing and disclosed nothing. A decades worth of press dedicated to the guy who hacked into NASA but had nada, zero, ziltch to present to the world. The Navy confirming the footage of the commercial 737 was legitimate UAP footage, the Pentagon echoing that empty hollow, 100% inaccurate information. The media, repeating and rerepeating the same recycled overused non news around the planet, transmiting ”we dont know” and beaming it into every household. Nazis Are Still Active: is what NASA should really stand for. Not aknowledging Scientific Analysis would be another fitting title.

I cannot believe the sheer amount of news sources that promote the universally accepted piffle that is being presented as the real deinfoal. It would appear that there isnt one decent journalist anywhere in the world at this moment in time thats worth their salt. Its pathetic. The Pentagon whistle their tune and the media follows blindly and humanity is being led to the cliff edge like a bunch of Lemmings. Its Goodbye truth of the matter. Hello lies deciet and disinformation. It truly is a sad day for humankind. RIP journalism. Hello psy-op.

Element 115 and unstubstantuated garbage , flying pyramids, and Batman balloons are king in 2022. Truth isnt trendy. Lying and conning the human race is now the order of the day. Bill Nelson lied on behalf of NASA and now we have the punch and Judy show/public UAP hearings and the edia repeating the bokeh UFOs and the commericail airliner and hellium balloons doing the rounds again a year after they were forced down the publics throat. We are all back on the information merry go round that I jumped off of in 2003. Quite simply, NASA have been screwing humanity over, tik-taks are are not worth airtime, and journalists need to get their finger out. There is more going on around you all than you are currently aware of. So sleep, do nothing and continue to be lied to and allow humanity to be led up the garden path.

Good show people.

I discovered hard evidence of aliens last June and I am having a hard time informing the world. The Guardian newspaper have a whistleblower helpline. Its useless. There is no signs of journalism at the Guardian newspaper. None. Zero , nada, ziltch. Forget mass surveillance, this is must much more profoundly important and i cant get anyone to listen.

When did humanity drop the ball?

Does journalism even exist? Could journalists be visiting us from other worlds to cover the lame ass standards of journalism we currently possess here on planet earth? Are there public hearings on an alien world discussing the universally accepted piffle that humanity is being subjected to?

A good question. For another time.

Welcome to the psy-op.

Have fun.

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