Sorry Bob Lazar but your time is up.

While the Pentagon sit down with Congress to discuss helium balloons and the danger panic, distress and fear that they along with commercial 737 aircraft can cause to aviators when filmed with bokeh, Luis Elizondo is doing his best to flog the dead horse that is the lie repeated by NASA director Bill Nelson. Meanwhile up in Scotland, I am enjoying a nice cup of tea and laughing at the pathetic attempts of official and unofficial official spokespeople determined to sell you snake oil. The UFO coverup is now over. They just don’t realize it yet. It’s a bit useless bolting the gate a full twelve years after the horse has bolted. Back in 2010, the STS103 mission images were uploaded to a public NASA server before being airbrushed to prevent the public from ever seeing what actually occurred in orbit in December 1999. But they are now a matter of public record and I have known about them since the summer of 2010.

Now, no matter what Bill Nelson, Luis Elizondo or even Jesus Christ has to say about what the Pentagon knows about UAPs, it is now all obsolete. The Fermi Paradox is now also rendered completely obsolete. I torched it last summer when I smashed through the veil of secrecy surrounding UFOs and alien visitation when I made the discovery of the millennium. Someone at the NASA photo processing center threw me a bone back in 2010 when they published the STS103 mission records. It may have taken me ten years to get to the bottom of what exactly was going on in orbit back then, during that same month I submitted the longest ufo report for the entire year. I actually had multiple events spread throughout the entire month and I have been researching since day one. Now in June 2022, I find that I am now no longer a student of Ufology. I have graduated to Grand Master. For it wasn’t enough for me in 2012 to discover the shadow profile of the Hubble Space Telescope on a solid physical craft and it wasn’t enough for me to go on and discover and identify alien entities in orbit a decade later. I had much more to contribute to Ufology. Regardless of how many times I have tried to walk away, my experiences and knowledge just keep on drawing me right back. For I am uniquely positioned to be in the best seat in the house when observing the theater that the public UAP hearings. It’s almost as if the disgraced and debunked airman, Larry Warren got a job with NASA, working behind the scenes, on a coke-fueled rant babbling piffle about what the Pentagon knows when it comes to this controversial and highly important subject. The state propaganda is on par with Warren’s outlandish gibberish. It’s now been consigned to the bin.

Away back in 2010, I learned about three official NASA images that set the course of my life over the last decade. As far back as October 2010, evidence of a structured spacecraft could be found on a public NASA server, and it’s still there today for the world to see. Having experienced an entire series of close-range encounters with AIVs (Alien Interplanetary vehicles) I have personally lost up to 1hr 40 minutes time while making these close-range observations. I was also drawing depictions of alien entities with 100% accuracy a decade prior to the release of the STS103 image archives and two decades prior to getting several of these NASA frames professionally restored.

So Bill Nelson and Luis Elizondo can sing away until their hearts are content but it’s all pointless. I proved we are not alone last June. And despite the media frenzy regarding UAPs, no one was interested in what a repeat close-range eyewitness and bestselling author on the subject had to say. Not Wikileaks, Not the Guardian. My only conclusion is that the media can only be nothing less than 100% complicit in the ongoing coverup of alien visitation to planet earth. This will be the acid test. I have spent the past decade reviewing these STS103 mission images and the previous research that I carried out on these mission images as far back as 2012. In 2018, a revisit to my previous research findings resulted in the further validation that my 2012 conclusion was indeed 100% accurate. Last year, when the Navy and Pentagon confirmed that the Corbell footage of a commercial 737 was genuine UAP footage, it was like holding a red rag to a bull. It forced me to return to my previous research findings and the higher caliber of evidence I had acquired nine years prior. While everyone was talking about Tik Taks, Batman balloons and commercial aircraft shot in night vision, I was reviewing the previous research carried out years prior, that was on a whole different shelve from this gutter trash drivel being trumpeted by the media. The shadow profile of the HST on the hull of a solid physical craft in orbit was far superior to anything Corbell was presenting or will ever be physically able to present in a hundred lifetimes. Mr Corbell says he wants to get to the truth. If that was indeed the case, then why did he pass off a photo of a movie prop from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to Bob Lazar? If he was attempting to clear Bob Lazar’s name and legitimize his nonfoundational claims, he went a funny way about it by muddying the waters and only serving to cast further doubt on this crank, who claims UFOs are powered by element 115.

This nonsense about this element should have been put to bed years ago. If there was any truth in lazars claims, then he would be serving time in a US jail or dead in a gutter up some shadowy lane by now. There is zero truth to his unfounded claims of ‘reverse engineering’ alien craft at Area 51.

Nuclear physicist Stanton Terry Friedman, explained it to my face to face in 2015. Element 115 cannot be stabilized long enough to collect it. With a half-life of 220 milliseconds, Lasar’s claims have outlived the shelf life of this element by a phenomenal amount of time. But now it’s time to put those claims to bed forever. Corbell says Element 115 can be weaponized. So can bull fecal matter when it’s thrown about. The sheer amount of BS that orbits Ufology is akin to the amount of space junk orbiting the earth. It’s probably worse to be perfectly honest. But everything changed last June when the recall of my encounters with AIVs was refreshed by a violent flashback brought on by a chance experiment when overlapping two of these STS103 mission images. This new understanding and fresh memory recall led to an entire series of discoveries on the public NASA server I was spending all of my time on. I even awarded myself with a Sally medal considering the amount of time I have spent in orbit.

And now I know what the scroll and triangle represent. Thanks, NASA!

Now a full year later, I find myself having elevated myself to the status of UFO guru. If the Pentagon want to know what UPs are, then why has congressman Tim Burchett failed to reply to my efforts to contact him with pivotal information that could assist the Pentagon in their holy quest for answers to the UAP question? The public hearings on UAPs, as entertaining as they were, failed to live up to the performance of Amber Heard in court. But they did share a common bond between them and that was the total amount of lies told in the shortest space of time. If it was a contest, Amber would have lost all over again. The UAP hearings were shorter and more lies were uttered in the one day of hearings than Amber told in the six whole weeks she had her opportunity to do so. The UAP hearings only had a day and more whoopers were rhymed off by the under secretary of Defence and the secretary of the Navy in a fraction of the time it took the most hated woman in Hollywood to pretend to blow her nose.

UAPs may as well stand for ‘Universally Accepted Piffle’ and im sure Batman would agree with me. Having ran into a -F-16, Batman is now considered a national security threat, despite all his crime-fighting antics and he is now considered to be a threat to aviators. I have a message for the secretary of the Navy: Stop releasing Batman balloons from the USS Nimitz and the problem will simply go away. Also, tell Corbell to check the coordinates, times and dates of the ‘flying pyramids’ and save the Navy valuable time , money and resources investigating this universally accepted piffle. (UAP)

If NASA and the Pentagon want answers then they can simply approach me and ask nicely. I don’t bite, except for wanting to devour Bill Nelson, Corbell, Lasar and some nameless ”investigative journalists” who pretend to have an interest in getting to the bottom of the UFO mystery. These investigative journalists are actually propagating the lies and disinformation and quite simply doing all the leg work on behalf of the security services.

NASA states on their webserver about UAPs that:

”science is driven by a desire to understand the unknown -but science is ultimately a matter of evidence…”

But not when it comes to putting this evidence from their own public servers under their noses. That’s the bit they commited from that statement. On June 9th 2022, NASA announced they are setting up a UAP task force, triggering a panic attack within me. When I calmed down, clarity hit me and the final piece of the UAP jigsaw I had been assembling for the last twenty-two years fell into place.

You see, after a quick visit to and you will have seen with your own eyes that there is a structured alien spacecraft captured in these mission images- complete with a partial double image of itself in both mission photographs. These could be put down to double exposure or refraction but the reason why you see this partial double image of the craft is actually the result of a process employed by this alien technology which is incorporated into this space craft’s operational capabilities. For the last ten years, I have pondered over the many features on this craft and especially throughout this last year, ever since experiencing the flashback and going on to identify the shadow of Canadarm on the hull of the alien craft and identifying the alien entities in the structured craft docked beside Discovery for six hours on December 25th, 1999, So anything Bill Nelson or NASA, Luis Elizondo or Jesus Christ has to say about what is known about UAPs is null and void.

Last summer, after identifying a row of structured windows on frame 57 and identifying two separate structured craft – one complete with an alien at a window, I recalled this information while reviewing frame 58. The bottom of the frame contains a structured craft, complete with two unobscured windows and many obscured windows. Light escapes the first two but the light is prevented from escaping the other windows as a crowd gathered at them, watching Hubble are preventing the interior light from escaping them all. Knowing that there is evidence of a structured craft in frame 57 assisted in concluding that frame 58, has a structured craft alongside Discovery. The same two craft were also seen in frame 25, some three hours beforehand, So, knowing that there is evidence of a structured craft at the bottom of frame 58 made it a lot easier in understanding that the two entities at the top of these two images were obvoiusly in a higher up observation deck of the same spacecraft. And that’s what led me to notify Scotland’s leading paranormal researchers that I had identified entities on these mission images and intended on getting frame 58 professionally cleaned up in June 2021.

I called the entity ‘adam’. And it means earth bound. A cosmic coincidence and universal poetry at its finest. After getting the frame cleaned up, I then had it done a second time-as every good scientist repeats the experiment under different circumstances to see if the same result can be obtained. And it was. The second rendering of this frame revealed the true depiction of these entites features for the second time and these two results were also backed up by the numerous depictions that I had personally drawn years before these images were first uploaded to a NASA server. It would seem that these two renderings of the same entity only served to back up the drawings I had drawn a decade before these images were first uploaded. I even have photos of my old hallway, complete with the same entities decorating my hallway. So in June 2021, two weeks prior to the publication of the UAP report, I learned hard evidence from that we are not alone. Now a year later, I’m still having trouble getting this information out to the public via the media who dabble in this subject without getting their toes wet.

Over the course of the last two decades, I have strived to understand the events of December 1999 better and my UFO Investigation of the Millennium has no real end in sight, despite heading for the off-ramp in 2014. Now, here today, I am now in a stronger position than ever to present this information all over again with added ‘bonus material.’ It wasn’t enough for me to simply discover we are not alone last June. I had to step beyond just discovering aliens on a NASA.Gov server. And it’s bad news for Bob Lasar and Jeremy Corbell, as the element 115 yarn has now run its course. It’s over for both these Ufological chancers. Alien spacecraft do not use element 115 after all. It’s actually a lot less complicated and a lot more straightforward. You see, the aliens are not Irish. They may be highly intelligent but that does not mean they are making life incredibly hard for themselves by using an element that cannot be stabilized long enough to utter ‘E.T.’ No that’s just as silly a statement as saying it can be weaponized. Weaponized yes- but akin so slinging dog poo at the UFO community. That cushy little cash-cow has been milked to death. It’s over. Game over, they lose-The truth won in the end. Science wins over complete bullshit every time.

Discovering aliens in 2021 and learning we are not alone in the universe was a big deal but I guess that my modest little discovery of the millennium was to be outdone and outshone by my 2022 advanced education on learning EXACTLY how this alien technology seen on these NASA images works.

It started by first identifying the ‘squiggles’ on the hull of the spacecraft in 2012 and then going on to understand a decade later that they were designed and fashioned to accommodate the flow of light around the hull of the craft in 2021. That was the big breakthrough that then allowed me to go on and correctly identify all the features on this craft’s hull and form an understanding of the final design of the craft in STS103-734-73. This was a long gradual process but slowly built up my understanding of the overall design concept of this craft. On June 9th around 23.45GMT, after calming down at the announcement by NASA that they are setting up a UAP task force, the sudden realization and final piece of the puzzle was made when I finally grasped the overall picture of the abundance of information I had obtained over twenty years researching this subject.

I now have a full working understanding of the technology of this alien craft and can now explain in full how it :

Generates its own electromagnetic current– how it does it and how it works

its ability to cloak– how it does it and how it works

And its propulsion system— how it does it and how it works

I have learned all this after a full year of intensive study of this crafts features and from the evidence I have gathered investigating this subject. The plasma trails they create are no longer a mystery nor is how they create them. I have figured it all out. So while bums warm sets in congress, I’m sitting pretty up here in Scotland, having now fully understood the technology and having now fully reverse-engineered this alien spacecraft captured on the SS103 mission photos. I cannot stress it enough- the UFO coverup is now over. If NASA are setting up a UAP task force, they will do well to pay me or my website a wee visit. I will be presenting all this information over the next fortnight. The truth was and is out there but you won’t hear it from Luis Elizondo or Bill Nelson. And as for the media being completely complicit in the UFO cover-up? We will all get to find out or not, in these coming days leading up to the 75th anniversary of the Roswell crash. 75 years after aliens crashed in New Mexico, NASA’s lies are about to crash land here on planet earth as well.


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