Concrete evidence E.T. is here

These days the internet is appears to be ablaze with a tsunami of hollow stories in relation to UFO’s and specifically the hot potato that is full UFO disclosure. John Podesta keeps on banging on about how Hillary is the golden child destined to grow angel wings and fly high above the earth and proclaim […]

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Open letter to B.E.A.M.S

There has been a great disturbance in Ufology, as if millions of voices screamed out in pain and then were suddenly silenced. Have you felt it? What has happened to Ufology. In the good ol days. UFO groups were people you could trust. You might see something strange in the sky and just might be […]

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SCANDAL! British UFO group involved in cover up?

The Missing Ramsgate Report,%20Kent,%20UK.html B.E.A.M.S UFO Investigator Hilary Porter was very adamant in her message to me that the object pictured in the Ramsgate photograph was NOT A STREETLIGHT. I then provided visual evidence to support my claim. Somehow this was interpreted as  “most unpleasant behaviour” “sarcasm” and “venom” Ive been accused of taking […]

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