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Radio talk show host Christina George recently contacted me to get info on UFO fraudster Larry Warren prior to interviewing him on her radio show on Friday 7th July 2017. Can you imagine a BBC or CNN reporter getting Donald Trump on for an interview and not having a clue who he was? It would […]


The Impossible Reality

  Gary Heseltine has spouted the innocent until proven guilty punch line as an excuse for Larry Warren. While the man likes to big himself up in the exclusive eyes of his paying subscribers and delete any responses citing ‘revenge entry’ to a perfectly acceptable response to his disgusting state of the art research methods. – Trolling peoples Facebook […]

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Bannerism Syndrome is a Reality!

  I am very angry ! And I have been for 390 days and nights. Its getting worse. Ive nicknamed it Bannerism. Let me explain how I ended up contracting this rare and fascinating symptom……………. Last year I stumbled on to what could be loosely described as ‘insider knowledge’ that a huge injustice was ongoing […]

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