STATEMENT: STS103 UFO Enigma solved June 2021.

Over the last few weeks i have delved back into reviewing the research material and the results i obtained in 2012.

The implications of what i now know have far reaching consequences and will no doubt become a highly controversial topic of heated conversation over the next few weeks. Setting out on a quest to disprove the MoD is an impossible task on its own. Delivering on that objective is on a whole other level altogether. Solving another famous UFO event in the process while learning more about my own experiences just made the victory so much sweeter. The timing of such revelations could not have arrived at a better point in time for humanity. If i suspect correctly the military industrial complex is about to add a fresh coat of paint to the ongoing cover-up which has been standard issue for the last 70 years. Im taking a calculated risk by withholding this information until the UAP Report is finally released this Wednesday 23 June 2021.

When i set out on my ‘quest, i had youth and determination. Now twenty years later, i might not have my youth but i have retained my determination and in the process, grown older….and wiser. I started my quest holding only my official MoD reply. A singular A4 sheet of paper in my hand and a vow to myself to get to the bottom of the barrel. I had no idea that getting to the bottom of the barrel was not only a metaphor but was a literal translation of what was to follow, after walking down a very slippery rabbit hole that rapidly became a labyrinth, somehow, just somehow, i managed to navigate , map and can now offer a guided tour.

Welcome to my brand of Ufology. In the style and method of Hunter S Thompson, this is Gonzo Ufology. There is no rule book. I just winged it. And yet here I am.

Today is the 13 June 2021.

note: from and including: Saturday, 4 December 1999 To, but not including Sunday, 13 June 2021 it has now been 7862 days or Or 21 years, 6 months, 9 days excluding the end date. Or 258 months, 9 days excluding the end date since i began my investigation.

7862 days since i first picked up the telephone and called two police stations to make enquiries on December 4th 1999. Or 117930 orbits of the Hubble Space Telescope

by midnight tonight, the Hubble Space Telescope will have performed 117930 orbits around the earth since that moment in time.

The investigation began by firstly looking for UFO images that bared a striking resemblance the objects i had observed During December 1999. It was not even an investigation then per say, it was just my steroid pumped curiosity with the desire to know more. Proving that the MoD had personally lied to me was a fairy-tale, like a child’s ambition to be an astronaut, the odds of that happening were a billion to one. All i had was written reply from the MoD and my curiosity. That one thing that led us out of the caves to go on and discover fire. – And the rest of course is history. Well prehistory, well before man even grasped the concept of time or history or verbal communication. And here we are today in the ’21st century’ despite the billions of years in which life has evolved on this little blue planet of ours. One of countless CRADLED in the eternal belly of NUT- The sky goddess of ancient Egypt. A land I was ‘called to’ on waking on December 4th.

NUT, the Egyptian goddess of the sky.

”I need to get to Egypt’ They were my first words that Saturday morning. I believe by the Monday, i had secured a flight to Luxor from Manchester and was to fly out on the 18th December and return on the 5th January. It turns out that while i was 20,000 feet in the air, over in Illinois, multiple police officers all became eyewitness to a low flying triangular UFO as it travelled across several regions. I arrived in Manchester in the small hrs of the 6th and was back in Glasgow for about 07.30am. Maybe an hour after returning home, my MoD reply dropped through the door. I read it, didn’t like it and knew it to be a lie. During my encounters, i had observed Tornado jets chasing after these objects. I guess it was the catalyst for everything that was then to follow.

So here we are on June 13th 2021 and it is now and only now that i can say with absolute certainty that i have now and only now concluded my investigation. I thought i had achieved that in 2012 when i made a series of mind blowing discoveries and went on to publish the results of investigation two years later in 2014. Hell i thought in 2001, that writing a written account would somehow wash away my direct need to contribute any further. I honestly though that by writing my account would be the responsible thing to do and once done, i had contributed my experience to the community for them to deal with.

Young and naïve, i had no idea that the written account , verified published in 2001 would be about as far as i could take these matters by myself. I’m only one man and what could the actions of one man achieve alone? A Herculean task of ginormous proportions, I had no idea what the effects of one man chipping away at a stone could make. But if you chip away for twenty years you might not know it at first but you end up looking up to see you have constructed a pyramid. It took 20 years to construct by i have a pyramid-of evidence. A monument to the reality of life outside this planet capable of traveling billions of miles across the galaxy just to visit us.

So now i have solid, hard evidence, hard irrefutable evidence , solid, watertight and highly robust evidence of a solid physical craft in orbit..

We are not alone.

Stay tuned.

James Welsh

More on this and more. Coming soon!

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