STS103-734-58 credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Centre

This is the first frame in the NASA images that contained things of interest. Some of these things I was familiar with yet their true identity remained a complete stranger to me for a decade. That is until I experienced the memory recall and began to unlock mystery after mystery with this sequence of images. Now here in June 2021, I can now give a much more detailed explanation of what is occurring in each frame. Starting with this image, if we start at the top of this image ghost like figures appear above the barrel of the HST.

Then mid frame, under Hubble blue and orange lights can also be seen. To the right of the image (mid frame) a bluish tint can also be seen. Finally at the bottom of the frame, lights can be observed which are a combination of yellow and blue areas.

As it turns out these images provided much more information than I ever expected to discover.

Lets zoom in and take a look at those blue and orange lights in the distant background.

Note the two vertical lights to the left. Also very noteworthy is the two dark areas seen on the right of the orange light. I will cover this shortly. Below is the area off to the right of the frame. It is a solid physical spacecraft which was not constructed here on earth. Credit: the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Centre
Photo Credit: The Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Centre
This area is shown below. Its windows. There are four window arches seen but two windows remain obscured by aliens looking out the window as their ship glides past the Discovery and Hubble on Christmas day. In the post flight mission debrief you can see one of the astronauts waving out the video with a Santa hat on. John Grunsfeld says ”we had a special visitor that Christmas” to a room full of NASA staff . The term Santa Claus is alleged to be a code word for alien craft. With it also being Christmas day, NASA managed to get away with this private joke for two decades but that all ends today. July 8th 2021.

frame 58 cropped only. Photo Credit: The Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Centre

Astronaut John Grunsfeld on EVA on day three. What was he looking at?

The bottom of the frame containing more of these same design of windows (seen to the left of the blue and orange lights at the top of the same frame.) Note the big blue area. Its that colour because that room contains a vacuum chamber which is generating and storing plasma. The generators creating this plasma create the propulsion by ejecting it, while the generator’s provide the power to the gravitational wave boards by generating opposing magnetic currents which keep the ship buoyant over the gravitational waves it surfs over and that is why there is the necessity for these ships to be outfitted with three gravitational buffers or more suspended below the craft depending upon its size and mass. Speaking of mass, the ships outer hull is covered and gripped by a tesla coil which spirals around the body in a grip. The immense electric charge generated by the ships generators can then directed to this coil and the craft can then eject the plasma. creating momentum while the ships mass is greatly cancelled out by this process. Quantum pinning means that essentially the ship does not move as such but rather the magnetic waves that the ship ‘jet skis’ on the surface of.

Here is a cropped image of frame STS103-734-58 Credit: the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

Note how there are two vertical yellowish areas. To the right you can see that there is in all actuality four of these but two remain obscured. If you look at the top of the two and follow your eyes across to the right you will clearly see two top arches for the other two almost identical areas with the exception that these are darkened. Once you realise that you are looking at windows and there are four not two. It quickly becomes apparent that obviously two of these are obscured from allowing equal light as the other two windows for the very simple reason that those two windows are obscured because there are silhouettes of individuals standing at them looking out.

Multiple entities standing watching the operations going on from extremely close proximity to the orbiter and Hubble. credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

Now lets look at what else is attached to that blue area and the object away in the distance…..

So the total number of craft I cave been able to identify in this image is four. Three you can barely see, while the fourth remains cloaked.

After rendering was completed to restore the image, this is what the entity looks like.

photo Credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

Lets move onto frame STS103-734-59

STS103-734-59 credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

The fourth UFO that was cloaked in frame 58 now appears here in frame STS103-734-59 which was snapped twenty seconds later. Two remain in the background while another two remain within feet of the Discovery and Hubble telescope.

They remain hidden by a complex system using lasers and projectors mounted in gyroscopic spheres with cameras. The laser system that is projected onto the ships hull is then redirected down the spacecraft as demonstrated by this ancient stone replica of these incredible craft.

The Mayan pyramid is an ancient stone monument which directly resembles the craft. The Ship is also tiered in a stepped arrangement. Knowing that the ship also has a ‘penthouse’ which fires these lasers, I had the idea to use the step pyramid as a Guinee pig to attempt this exercise. While trying to follow the path the lasers take on the ship, knowing that the hull is designed to bend and refocus the projected light, I decided to use this as it was a completed model. This exercise not only allowed me to understand what path the lasers followed, in addition I now had the revelation that this pyramid is a ‘replica’ of what I discovered on the STS103 Hubble mission images. Now the reason why the pyramids were shaped as either stepped or true pyramids became very apparent to me. These monuments are found all over the planet. UFOs are seen all over the planet. Is there a connection here to be found? Have I just unlocked another secret of the universe? Have I just established that primitive man all over the planet observed these visitors in ancient times and some suggest? Were the pyramids all built to impress the visitors? I just don’t think its any coincidental fact that this is the pyramid of the ‘Winged Serpent’ as it also accurately depicts the plasma trails I seen ejected from these craft. Along with all of this is the clue left by nature on the equinoxes when the shadow of the winged serpent is seen descending down this sides of the staircases. Just like a UFO descending at 45 degrees…
The sheer number of coincidental matching details such as the penthouse, the tiered system, and the effect of the ramps matching the trenches on the UFO are very compelling when you add the term ‘winged serpent’ descending and coming to Earth into the mixture. An area of study I am sure will now need to be pursued further by many.

Trapping the light fantastic

So The reason the spacecraft projects lasers down its hull is to trap the light in place when it glows very brightly. the excess light is trapped in place and the projection spheres do the magic by projecting what’s on each side and in front of the craft. As demonstrated below. This is how the cloaking system works. Essentially it boxes the craft in with overlaid projections.

Now why would there be a need to construct a ship that can make its presence a secret? I will answer this soon.

Shanghai UFO December 9th 1999. a feathered serpent= a dragon=plasma trail by UFO.

The lasers trap excess light from escaping. Metallic spheres carried by the crafts magnetic signature house projectors on gyroscopes which overlay the camouflage projection. frame STS103-734-74 Photo Credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center
The craft is able to project lasers which box the ship in. once active this is what you would see below…..nothing.
The car is still there but you cannot see it. This is what people are observing when they observe UFOs ‘blink out’.

NEXT FRAME STS103 -734-59

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Concrete evidence of E.T NASA LINK STS103-734-58_3.JPG (4143×4096) (
STS103 -734-59 NASA LINK 8

STS103 -734-59



STS103-734-66_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734 -67 NASA LINK

STS103-734 -68 NASA LINK

STS103-734- 69 NASA LINK


NASA LINK STS103-734-70_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734- 71

NASA LINK STS103-734-71_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734- 72

NASA LINK STS103-734-72_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734-73_3.JPG (4127×4096) (
STS103-734- 74


STS103-734-74_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 75

NASA LINK STS103-734-76_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 76

NASA LINK STS103-734-76_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

NASA LINK STS103-734- 77

STS103-734-72_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

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