Firstly i wish to address the obvious anomaly with this image for the casual observer. The reason for the partial double image is what is known as ‘refraction’ It is caused as seen here because the object is being seen through multiple layers of glass and the light is refracting and appears as a double image. Completely different from a double exposure which is an easy enough misconception to make.

The rippled fabrication on top of the (left) head light works in conjunction with trench on the right which guides lasers down and across the extremities of the crafts body. Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center
Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center
Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center
The front profile of one of the four ships I have found in orbit On the STS103 Hubble images.
Note the rim of the big spot light at the front. Not only does this spotlight play a huge role in my own ufo experiences but will also be produced again in the Illinois case which directly accompanies this official evidence of an alien civilisation in orbit on official NASA photographs staged by the Greys deliberately for me to find, translate , understand and present to the people of earth as proof of their existence and visitation to planet earth.

On the left of the sketched overlay showing the position of the trench on the right hand side. As you can see, these trenches are on either side. The detailing above the two rounded ‘headlights’ has ben fabricated to allow the pathway of a set of lasers which are fired down the front of these trenches. Four lasers travel down these trenches. Two on each side. The trenches are both running at an angle with the inside lasers traveling down the upper part of the inside of this trench. The Other two outer lasers in each pair of trenches travel down the lower angled half of the trench. The fabrication of the curved bodywork styling across the tops of the headlights are specifically designed to accommodate the path of these lasers so the projected light can make its way around the perimeter of the craft. This is half of how the cloaking device works. The gold coloured spiralling paint layer must amplify this light in some way. I hope to learn more about the significance of this additional layer of fabricated gold painted material. –

(Update 27/6/21)

I believe that this is a super conducting material which assists the craft itself to become supercharged. When the exterior skin is charged, the ships exterior then becomes very bright as this charge is charge is ramped up. Thus, the spiralling COIL !!!!!! (OMG!!!) I have just realised that is EXACTLY what that is. Its a coil wrapped around the ships hull.

So would i be crazy if i stated that this coil becomes a very bright glow of light and that this supercharged ‘light’ coiling around and gripping the ship, then cancels out its mass, thereby greatly reducing the overall ‘mass’ of the ship as its catapulted across a sea of magnetic waves by three main plasma generators create?

JW 27/6/21

Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

So, the structured UFO in these images is not a reflection. Its not the interior of the shuttle , its not ice crystals space debris or non earth orbs. Its not a UAP until such times as it becomes ‘Universally Accepted Phenomena.’

But to the average layman it could be termed as an ‘alien spacecraft’!

And I know exactly who it belongs to. I have been honoured with the task of presenting them to to the public and I am ONLY NOW fulfilling that role.

I do not ever have to go all the way to the end of this sequence of images to explain that you are looking at a solid physical craft and I thought I had established that back in 2012 when i exposed and presented frame STS103-734-69 reflecting off the hull of this structured object. I even went and established that I was correct in identifying that during the timing of the redeployment, the orbiter and obviously inside the shuttle as well as outside was being illuminated by bright sunshine as sunrise came over the horizon aver Australia’s Gold coast.

Point in case:

So I have the the shadow of the HST on frames 69 and 70 found on August 31st 2012……
And then nine years later i find this on the 9/6/21. Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center

Photo credit the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center
Another portion of the trench seen here in frame 73 in dark grey. Notice how it lips upwards at the edge of the craft. This trench is part of the fabricated design to facilitate the path of the lasers which travel down the trenches firing off the craft and intersection with further lasers to create a perimeter around the craft. I have learned that the laser beams , the fabrication and design of this bodywork are all specifically designed with stealth at the heart of this ships design.
It overall bodywork has been specifically designed to accommodate the path of these lasers which are an integral part of the ships ability to cloak. it was designed specifically with the primary function of being a long range stealth resonance vehicle. This is part of what people observe when they see UFOs ‘wink’ or ‘blink’ out.
They do not vanish into other dimensions when they ‘vanish into thin air. Its just an illusion by optics and lasers , lights, fancy paint and a high tech projection system. The projectors are carried by the ships magnetic signature inside the metallic spheres, housed on gyroscopes. This is why eyewitness Colin Saunders observed the sky ‘wobble’ during his close range sighting nine months prior to the events of December 1999.

So on frame 73, I also learned that this spacecraft has a very powerful spotlight (seen switched on in frame 69) which can also be used by the occupants to stun chosen individuals directly prior to an abduction. While the victim is temporarily stunned , ie, blinded, a curtain of light then appears in front of the person or persons and they are able to step through it and remove the victim and be gone again in an instant. Up until i learned this, I was getting the distinct impression that i was learning the secrets of this technology as I had leaned about the headlights, the spotlight, the glare shields on the spotlight, the fabrication and design as well the true intent behind the design, motivated design construction and need of this vehicle which like i say, is exclusively constructed for covert stealth operations in hostile environments. I.E. Earth.

Now why would the oversight board that green lighted the design of this craft be so concerned with ensuring that the crew were able to hide themselves? Six words.

Controlled airspace on an alien planet.

This technological camouflage shows that the brains behind this design had the overall main concern lay with ensuring that the occupants of this craft have the ability to hide their presence should they deem it necessary. This also gives them an overall advantage as it allows them to operate with impunity in the skies across our planet, while they covertly go about recruiting others like me to deliver message that they exist and are already here.

They have given me their message and a role to play in their disclosure.

I am both their scribe and courier.

I have spent 20 years trying to get to the bottom of the UFO events the events that i personally experienced in December 1999 and now and only now in June of this year, 2021 have I been able to piece all of the missing parts of the UFO puzzle together. I have new insight to what actually occurred during those sighting events which i was not prepared for. However, I accepted them immediately as everything was becoming clear to me as the month progressed. After the memory recall when i did the overlap comparison with frames 66 and 73, so much more occurred. From making new discoveries on these official NASA photographs to understanding how the design was the most elegant fusion of form and function far beyond the hand of man. This new understanding of the crafts overall design purpose, clearly pointed to a special interest in them of us-enough to design fabricate construct operate and fly these craft. But that, like many of the other misconceptions humans have of how they are operate-is wrong.

Because that’s the thing. They don’t fly. Not in any way we have currently quite gotten around to yet. Publicly of course. The simple truth of the matter is that once humanity learns their message, reads and understands it, life will change dramatically not just everyone but also for every creature on this planet. The tomorrow we aspire to is here today.

I will reveal what this message is once this information contained in this Civilian UAP Report has had the airtime that Corbell’s night genuine vision footage of a commercial aircraft has received around this earth.

My investigations into the abilities of this craft have yielded zero evidence of armaments or weaponry. They have no hostile intentions and like you and me, they understand humour, they have individual personalities and are highly highly intelligent beings. If approached, like i observed on December 11th 1999 for myself, these craft choose to activate these cloaking shields when faced with acts of aggression by vectoring aircraft closing in on their position, such as i observed on December 11th 1999 when three Tornado jets performed a flyby at an extremely low altitude over the Queenspark Recreational football grounds at 06.45am and then again only three days later at 05.30am on December 14th 1999.

Jets I may add that the RAF informed me were not launched on either of these dates. Jets that the civil aviation authority informed me would have been under military remit if flying over populated airspace and the same jets the the RAF informed me would have been under civilian ATC control. Both these conflicting answers from the RAF and C.A.A. reinforced the theory that there WAS obviously a UFO cover-up in operation as it appeared that in my own personal experience, if the MoD and the RAF could not account for these military GR3 Tornado jets over UK airspace, then despite that they informed me about no defence significance was a lie. If the RAF scrambled jets and permitted them to conduct low flying manoeuvres over the heavily populated airspace of the city of Glasgow, then obviously they had concerns. But they are never going to admit it. Not to you or me. Instead i personally addressed letter stating that there was no corroborating evidence.

I beg to differ.

I have laid my account in 2001. In 2012 i laid out my finding of he cloaked UFO with Hubble’s shadow on the hull of the spacecraft.

In 2014 laid out the results of my eleven year investigation and published and laid out the result of that endeavour-‘Corroborating Evidence- The Ufo Investigation of the Millennium.

In 2018 i approached the ESA with my findings to be told they were ‘reflections’.

in June 2021 I experienced a month of discoveries , new insight and knowledge, memory recall and came to understand that my sighting events were indeed connected to one another and that there is purpose intended here.

Events that occurred twenty years ago are now directly ‘wired’ to what is happening right now. The latest layer of paint that has just been reapplied to the reality you are denied.

it already makes the Pentagon report obsolete and invalid, before i even get around to releasing this information. The truth of the matter is that the report is a lie. They do know but they wont tell you. Not seventy years ago and certainty not today. They cant they wont and nothing will ever change that.

So asides my twenty year involvement in this field of study, asides all the research i have presented here, above all else I have their message to convey. And I will reveal this message very soon.


STS103-734-58 NASA LINK STS103-734-58_3.JPG (4143×4096) (
STS103 -734-59 NASA LINK 8


NASA LINK STS103-734-66_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734 -67


STS103-734 -68 NASA LINK

STS103-734- 69 NASA LINK


NASA LINK STS103-734-70_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734- 71

NASA LINK STS103-734-71_3.JPG (4143×4096) (

STS103-734- 72

NASA LINK STS103-734-72_3.JPG (4127×4096) (


STS103-734-73_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 74


STS103-734-74_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 75

NASA LINK STS103-734-76_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

STS103-734- 76

NASA LINK STS103-734-76_3.JPG (4127×4096) (

NASA LINK STS103-734- 77

The Civilian UAP Report


STS103 Conclusions The Civilian UAP Report From the Office of James Welsh
Introducing Adam
Off the spectrum
The Oldest Question
The cloaking device explained
concrete evidence of E.T.
New Discoveries Shed New Light
Water on Mars
Communication Received and Understood
Illinois Conclusion

The civilian UAP report Edit Post ‹ Corroborating Evidence Operations — Edit Post ‹ Corroborating Evidence Operations —

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