My name is James Welsh. I live in Glasgow Scotland.

During December 1999 I experienced multiple close range UAP events and have been a researcher for 20 years now. On December 4th 1999, I picked up the telephone and called two police stations to enquire if anyone had already called in to report a UFO sighting. From there on in ,I had promised myself that one day I would finally get to the bottom of it all. This notion was only reinforced by the reply i received by the British MoD which was the standard reply to a UFO report. But i knew the MOD were lying to me and that’s the simple truth of the matter. I knew this because on two occasions that month i had personally observed a total of six Tornado jets over the controlled airspace of the city of Glasgow. I then made myself a pledge that I was going to disprove them. That was the 6th of January 2000. And by universal coincidence the date of Jan 5th 2000 was going to play a pivotal role now here in June 2021 helping to piece together evidence of three separate UFO events which occurred not just around the earth but also in orbit , 323 miles over Australia. In 2014 I published the results of my eleven year investigation into my own sighting events. The clarity of these revelations I have experienced this June with regard to my own encounters has brought about an incredible series of discoveries, insight and knowledge, shedding new light on events that transpired over twenty years ago and are now only coming into sharp focus. Each of these cases are already well documented and the evidence gathered in each case stands on its own merit. I have solved no less than five UFO mysteries in fourteen days. I recently tested a theory i had about the NASA Hubble redeployment images and put it to the test. My theory was confirmed. Instantly i experienced a flood of recall and insight I should not seem to have about my experiences. I have in addition, come to conclude that i have a message directly from them for humanity. I have been sharing these finding with Ron Halliday and Malcolm Robinson on a daily basis keeping them both briefed on the impossible unquestionable evidence I am publishing shortly. Synchronisations have been occurring as as quickly as 1,2,3. Everything has fallen into place. I found the final missing piece of corroborating evidence i have been searching for all this time. Now I realise that i was the missing piece. I was the final piece that has eluded me for twenty years and now it has allowed me to piece together a universal jigsaw puzzle that will answer one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. I will be making a full disclosure on these daily revelations in the next 120 revolutions of the Hubble Space Telescope. The Civilian UAP Report is due for release very very soon.”NEVER NEVER QUIT OR GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS”

James Welsh24/6/21

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