A controversial claim but its true. NASA director, Bill Nelson lied to the American taxpayer and he lied to humanity when he stated the ”we dont know what it is” when talking about the UAPTF Prelminary Assessment on UAP’s. The current public hearings in congress are a farce, I know the DoD know fine well what UAPs are and that Luis Elizondo is 100% wrong in his word in what the Pentagon knows about the UFO subject. I know this because I have researched this subject for over twenty years and have an extensive knowledge of the events that occurred around the world during December 1999. Currently the media are lapping up UAPs and all the noise about the public UAP hearings discussing commercial 737s and helium balloons caught on camera. During December 1999, I had repeat close range erification CE1 UFO encounters and later embarked upon a long investigation spanning more than a decade. In 2010 , the STS103 mission records were uploaded by NASA.gov. In 2012, I gained access to the entire mission roll and downloaded the redeployment images after learing about the structured craft on these records. On August 31st,2012, I verified this craft was in orbit and exposed it on NASA frame STS103-734-69. The shadow of Hubble is seen cast onto its hull -and the shadow was one of the key pieces of evidence that confirmed the craft is indeed present in this mission image. I published this evidence in my 2014 publication, Corroborating Evidence and in 2018, I made further advances on my 2012 research.

Last summer, I revisited these mission images and made even further discoveries. I expanded on the initial ten mission images I first looked at in 2012. After turning my attention to the other images taken prior to the redeployment, my attention was drawn to STS103 frames 57,58 and 59. Frame STS103-734-57 has two spacecraft docked beside Discovery. Bottom left an entity is seen looking out a window. Opposite the second craft is also seen also docked alongside the orbiter. https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/DatabaseImages/ISD/highres/STS103/STS103-734-58_3.JPG

Entity with the shadow of his head cast onto his shoulders in frame 57.

So when it came to looking at frame 58 , these visual clues that two craft appear in frame 57, (four including Hubble and Discovery) these details in frame 57 were a strong indication that the features captured in frame 58 were clear signs that a solid structured craft was docked beside Discovery during this time period. It was this, along with my knowledge of photography assisted me in determining what i was seeing at the bottom of frame 58.

After determining that everything pointed towards activity outside the orbiter, especially with my 2012 discovery, looking at these details on frame 58, it became clear that I was looking at internal lighting escaping through windows. I noted the light continues across multiple arches even though the light is mostly obscured from escaping them. The first obscured window has the light around the top and i noted the dark silhuette of a head and shoulder. A figure at the edge of a crowd. It became quickly clear that this light was beng obstructed from leaving these areas as these was a crowd gathered by them watching these events unfold. It was at this moment i realised that the two things at the top left of this mission frame were also entities -only in a higher up observation deck. So the next thing I did was notify my peers and then seeked out a freelancer and commissioned him to clean up frame 58 in an attempt to see these entities more clearly.

The result is the true representation of the entities features and its been independantly verified. Twice.

I named him Adam.

Evidence of Abduction? This cartoon is one of many i would doodle.

In June 2021, the results of the rendered copy of frame 58 were a match to my drawings of the entities I had been drawing for twenty years. This was a bombshell realization to process. I have more tragic news to share with you. Not only do NASA know that aliens exist but they are working alongside them in orbit and I have evidence of this in four seperate STS missions to repair Hubble.

After extensive reseach into the NASA STS103 mission images , i learned a terrible secret that NASA never expected to leak out but i put all the pieces together in May 2022 when I made yet another massive discovery on these mission images. At the start of 2022, i had frame 59 also rendered in three specific areas i wanted examined. The result is that the image contains the reflection of the support bar for the solar array of the HST clearly shown. So i checked the NASA.GOV file and its also there on the NASA server. This reflection of the support bar completely validates this discovery of alien entities in a solid physical craft docked next to the orbiter.

This knowledge would be useful in May 2022 when i went back and revisited the later redeployment photos and was shocked to see evidence of this reflection again in the later images, 66,67,68,69.

This craft was still docked beside Discovery while the the redeployment actually occured. The other big indication that there is still a structured craft docked alongside is the dark stripes seen in frames 66,67,68. These stripes are being caused by light passing through the meshing of the solar array and casting their shadows onto a solid physical object next to Discovery. Higher up the frame the partial reflection of the HST support bar for the upper solar array is seen in the window of this same craft that is seen in frames 57,58 and 59. It was the identification of this reflection of this support bar on frame 59 that led to the understanding that these features were merely the reflection of the HST as it sat directly next to Discovery.

Making this additional finding of these redeployment images now brought about a fundamental reevaluation of this entire STS103 mission and I was forced to reconsider the events that occured in orbit during Hubbles redeployment. Now knowing that the craft captured in frames 57,58 and 59 was still docked beside Discovery during the actual redeployment operation shed light on the level of trust between NASA and these entities. This craft was docked beside the Discovery since 17.47GMT. The redeployment occured at 23.03GMT. Thats a duration of five and a quarter hours that this craft was alongside NASA in orbit.

This now comes on top of the observation i made regarding the crews cool , level headed , focused and relaxed demenour during this mission. They were completely unphazed by this alien activity and this is evident watching the mission highlights resource tape. As exposed by my decision to have some of these critical mission images undergo profesional rendering, a massive cube mother-ship was revealed in frame 55, meaning its also present in frames 54 and 56 also- based on that evidence. This mothership was also revealed to be present in frames 58 and 59 also. Despite the presence of this or the multiple craft which also appear in orbit in these multiple mission images, the crew showed no signs of panic, stress, alarm of fear. This was the big clue, the cognative abilities and body language of the crew- the human condition- was the big ‘GOTCHA’ that forced the re-evaluation of these images and the story they convey, if you only listen hard enough.. Is it any coincidence that the massive cube i exposed in orbit just happens to appear on another mission image……from a later repair mission? I came across this by accident and was tickled to find this corroboration of my discovery on the 1999 mission images. Here it is. The ‘Momacube’ as seen on STS125. https://www.rocketstem.org/2015/04/20/sts-125-mission-was-our-last-visit-to-hubble/https://www.rocketstem.org/2015/04/20/sts-125-mission-was-our-last-visit-to-hubble/

Finding everything and realising that there was an incredible level of trust placed in these aliens during this mission, allowing them to remain in danger close proximity next to Discovery for over five hours while the Hubble was prepared for its redeployment showed this was NOT NASAs first encounter in orbit with a visiting alien civilisation. This was clearly an established relationship and i learned this by studying these mission images for a decade. The evidence is right there on a public NASA server and there for the entire world to access.

Now having correctly concluded that this was evidence of a well established relationship, the next thing I did was understand that these aliens appeared to be completly fascinated/obsessed with Hubble so having now found activity on both STS103 and STS125 , the next locigal connection was to go back and review the earlier Hubble repair missions. STS61 was my next stop. I decided to review the redeployment images from this 1993 mission and found exactly what I had suspected to find. This is where my knowledge gained by reviewing STS103 came into use once again.

It is beyond any doubt that an identical scenario is taking place on this 1993 mission.




Now I had established it went this far back, I now recalled the infamous 1990 IMAX image of Hubbles deployment.

In 2012, I had noticed the similarity with the STS103 mission images, 48,49,50,51,52 but never bridged the connection until May 2022 when re-evaluating this encounter on the STS103 mission. Its the same spotlight on the structured craft in frame STS103-734-59. https://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/DatabaseImages/ISD/highres/STS103/STS103-734-59_3.JPG

So i have went far beyond simply proving aliens exist and clearly shown that a relationship exists between aliens and NASA stretching back at least 32 years.

Bad news for NASA, ESA, SETI, Luis Elizondo ,and the pentagon. I found aliens exist and I found them on a public NASA server. This evidence is going ignored and thats got to change.

I spoke out against NASA’s lies and its time people listened.

Audio not important.

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