My research stemmed from the rash of close range sightings personally i experienced during December 1999, leading me on a journery around the world seeking corroborating evidence. This UFO Investigation of the Millennuim led me to research the NASA STS103 Hubble repair mission and the events that took plsace just eleven days later on January 5th 2000. It was the combination of my experiences, twenty plus years research, and the evidence gathered in both cases that brought me to correctly determine that all of these seperate events were all connected to one another and all evidence in each case all traced back to one another. From the very begining of my STS103 research , it was the area that i first noticed on frame STS103-734-69 that provided me with an anchor point on which I could now begin this research. It later turned out that this area i had first identified in 2012 was the left headlight on the craft. But this was not confirmed until 2021.

After the further identification of the opposite right hand side headlight was obtained in 2018, i knew the opposite symetrical detail was found, containing the recessed circular barrel but still had no idea if these were lights or thrusters. I discovered the matching symetrical side by performing a partial overlap of STS103-734-59 with STS103-734-69. But it wasnt until I head Ed Barton utter the word, ”headlights” in 2021 that the connection was not finally made.

in my 2014 publication,’ Corroborating Evidence’ I had highlighted three seperate UFO reports that were of interest to my investigation at that time and it was the identical descriptions made in the UK and then just 55 minutes later in Missouri that popped out. THE mOd REPORTS LISTED show that at December 2nd 1999, at 03.00GMT the reporting eyewitness described a black triangular craft with car headlights. 21.55 in Missouri =03.55GMT, placing these two reports, just 55 minutes apart on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

From the details within these tWO REPORTS, IT BECAME CLEAR TO ME THAT reports of black traingular UFOs were not the result of super classified aircraft. The report from December 1st at 03.55 of the black triangular craft with headlights , three white lights – one on each corner and a red light in the center. One eyewitness saw yellow light coming from the front. This was another detail that is now directly connected to the STS103 craft, seen on frames 54,55,56,66,67,68. These yellow lights have been now connected with this blunt arrow head shaped craft on STS103-734-73 and 74. The spotlight housing around the front of this craft contains additional lighting around the perimeter which correctly identified as the projection points for these yellow beams of light.

In 2021, I was studying these features and once visualising these torch beams coming from these double barrels, it was clear that they created a third residual torch beam-consiting of the light from the two beams crossing over.This is facilitated by the inclinded angled edge seperating them. It was this that prompted me to perform an overlap of frame 68 over frame 73 and the formal identification and function of thse features was now made.

But it was the headlights that Ed Barton mentioned in the 2001 documentary by Darryl Barker that pressed the big red button and twenty years research all just started to fall into place. It wasn’t just his description of headlights, there were further connections that glue the STS103 and Illinois events together. Melvern Nolls description of a ”two story house with a little penthouse on top” is the first connection I made in 2021, linking both STS103 and the Illinois events together there is a solid physical spacecraft docked beside Discovery in STS103-734-58. Then when I identified that Ed Bartons description of headlights matched what I had identified on the STS103 images as matching the profile of the craft was the next but he went on to describe how he observed these headlight then turned into one big light. And this once again, is connected directly to the spotlight seen activated in STS103 mission frames 49,50,51,52 and in 59. These decriptions helped me understand the functions of these matching areas I had identified in 2018 at the front of the craft. Ed Barton also described how this light appeared like a Japanese battleflag with lotss of long rays of light eminating from it. Once again, I could now also attribute these beams of light down to the additional lighting around the hull of the spotlight which i also identified in June 2021 by performing the overlap of frames 68 over 73 to test my hypostasis and it is valid. But what has all this got to do with the Missouri deer camera footage? Well its strikingly obvious and because I was already extremely familiar with the headlights on the STS103 craft, the connection was staring at me in this image. I knew exactly what this object was.

This footage was obtaned in 2010, and it was only after solving the STS103 mission images and the Illinois case that I learned about this event. If I had not engaged in this research, identifying the source of these lights in the deer camera footage would not have been possible. I had created a partial front profile of this craft and was able to now take this and overlay the deer camera image.

However, it was Illinois police officer, Ed Bartons and Matt Janys descriptions that would come into play all over again as the craft they both descibed a craft with lighted windows at the back.

Here is the reconstructed image of the back of this craft. And the one captured in the deer camera footage. Something incredible occured while penning this article and I suddenly realised i knoew what I was looking at in another image from this event.

Not only does the front profle as well as the headlights match , the vback of the craft is also a perfect match and on top of this evidence is the matching area which was twined with the other image from this footage.

The deer camera footage has been solved. It was visiting aliens hunting dinner.

I recognised this feature as the same on that was captured in orbit in 1999 on STS103-734-58.

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